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Recap / Parks And Recreation S 05 E 15

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Leslie attends the Pawnee Correspondents' Lunch, an event where Pawnee government and media members roast each other. Leslie has several great jokes aimed at the Pawnee Sun, but at the lunch, Kim Terlando from the Sun makes all of Leslie's jokes. At first Leslie thinks Jerry lost her speech, but then she realizes that Kim has hacked her emails. Leslie and Donna make some fake emails, which include the word midi-chlorians, and when Kim uses the word at a press conference, Leslie uses this as proof that her emails were hacked by Kim.


Ben, working for Sweetums, needs to pick out a charity for the company to sponsor. He enlists April, Tom, and Andy to help, but April doesn't care and Tom is only interested in all the free goodies that Ben gets as part of his job. Andy chooses a charity, a good one, but Ben decides on a different one. April scolds him for not choosing Andy's charity, as Andy has been really depressed lately over failing his police exam. Andy makes a few offhand comments about the waste in Ben's office, and Ben realizes that Andy has a knack for charity and hires him as his assistant.

Ann decides she wants Chris to be her sperm donor, but she is nervous about asking him. She asks Ron for advice. She finally just blurts it out and runs away. Later, Chris finds her and says he will need some time to think about it.



  • Funny Background Event: Leslie takes out a little baggie of what she claims is a "fertility tea" for Ann, before realizing that it's actually probably marijuana and tossing it into the garbage. In the background, April and Andy seem to be looking at the trash bin intently.
  • Historical In-Joke: Ben's getting set up at his Sweetums job and April, Andy and Tom are helping to look for charities. At one point, Tom picks out a firm called "Cleansheet", which Ben looks at and realizes provides legal assistance for the KKK. The Ku Klux Klan actually held much power in Indiana during the 1920's, including having a KKK member as governor.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: One of Leslie's: "There are so many wonderful, talented journalists here. Also here are some reporters from the Pawnee Sun."
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  • Vandalism Backfire: Leslie smashes her phone when she finds out the Pawnee Sun hacked her emails. Donna points out that that makes no sense... and then Jerry says it was his phone, anyway.

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