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Recap / Parks And Recreation S 03 E 13

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Leslie: (to Ann) Look, I'm sorry that I thought about you for the job, okay? But sometimes, if I don't push you in the right direction, you end up standing still. I was just trying to do you a favor.

Tom invites everyone to the Snakehole Lounge to help him sell his new drink, Snake Juice. He also encourages them to spread the word about the drink through word-of-mouth "guerrilla marketing". April shows little interest in attending until Andy suggests they make a game of it by role-playing as different people at the bar.


Chris has fired Denis Cooper, the former health department public relations director, who hung posters around the town to publicly condemn his adulterous wife. Leslie suggests Ann as a replacement, mainly so they can spend more time together since Ann has been so busy dating numerous men. Although reluctant to leave her job as a nurse, Ann agrees to attend the job interview, and Leslie provides her with several binders to "partially memorize".

At the Snakehole Lounge, the Parks Department tries to help Tom sell his drink. April pretends to be Janet Snakehole, an aristocratic widow with a dark secret, while Andy poses as his frequent alter-ego, FBI agent Burt Macklin. Ron doesn't want to endorse Snake Juice, but Tom convinces him to try it; he likes it and tells other patrons about it. Donna is on a cleanse, so she's not drinking.


Leslie is surprised and annoyed to find Ann partying on the dance floor instead of preparing for the job interview. Ann introduces Leslie to her latest boyfriend, local radio host "The Douche". As Leslie and Ann become increasingly drunk from Snake Juice, Leslie insults Ann's current dating lifestyle. This prompts Ann to insult Leslie for moving too slow with Ben. The fight escalates throughout the night, and Leslie ultimately claims she always has to keep Ann motivated or she would not go anywhere. Both declare it best that Ann does not work with Leslie after all and they storm off.

Later, Chris shows up, having received an email from Tom. He tells Tom that his emailing everyone in City Hall about the Snake Juice goes against his rules and Tom has to sell his shares in the Snakehole Lounge in order to keep his job. Meanwhile, the others have gotten completely intoxicated on the Snake Juice, with even Ron drunkenly dancing like an idiot.


Donna, the only one still sober, takes everyone home. The next morning, everyone (except Ron) is extremely hungover. Leslie and Ben have to interview applicants for the Health Department job. In between interviews, Leslie laments to Ben about her fight with Ann.

Tom sells his shares in the club; Donna makes sure that he and Jean-Ralphio don't tell Chris that she has kept her shares in the club. Ron questions Chris' decision but fails to convince Chris that Tom should be able to keep his shares. Ron comforts Tom by building him a special case to hold a bottle of Snake Juice.

Ben goes to Ann's place. Ann feels terrible about her fight with Leslie; Ben tells her Leslie feels the same way. Touched by his help, Ann says that she can understand why Leslie likes him, which makes Ben excited.

During the next round of interviews, Ann shows up for an interview. She and Leslie apologize to each other. They are too hungover to continue the interview, so the next day, Ann interviews with Chris and gets the job part-time. At the same time, April tries to continue her and Andy's roleplaying game, but a hungover Andy groans that "Burt Macklin died last night after the tenth shot of Snake Juice". However, after seeing a sad April walk away, Andy creates himself a new role: Kip Hackman, Burt Macklin's brother, and chases after Janet, although he vomits as this happens.


  • Actually Pretty Funny: Ann and Leslie (along with the rest of the department) crack up at Crazy Ira and the Douche's show in The Tag, where they claim Ann and Leslie are probably lesbians. Tom, in particular, loses it when they start playing "Come to My Window".
  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: Tom's Snake Juice drink causes everyone (including Ron) to get utterly plastered out of their minds.
  • Call-Back: April's "Janet Snakehole" persona was previously used in "Indianapolis" to score free stuff from the Snakehole Lounge. Here, Janet is retooled into a "rich widow with a dark secret".
  • Comic Role Play: Andy and April do this in the Snakehole Lounge. Andy pretends to be his FBI agent alias "Burt Macklin" and April is "Janet Snakehole" a rich widow with a cigarette holder who talks like Katherine Hepburn.
  • Gargle Blaster: Snake Juice, described by Tom as a mixture of "a bunch of different alcohols... some sugar and coffee, and some other junk". It even gets the usually sturdy Ron Swanson acting high as a kite. Donna describes it as being like rat poison.
  • Hangover Sensitivity: Most of the Parks Department suffers from this the morning after they drink Tom's Snake Juice. The exception is Ron who cheerfully comes in the next morning with no lingering effects and brings burgers for everybody to eat.
  • Unsuspectingly Soused: Tom pushes a proprietary coffee liqueur called Snake Juice on everyone and, because of the caffeine, everyone gets much, much drunker than they intended to.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Andy (who's still hungover from drinking more than ten shots of Snake Juice the night before) pukes all over Kyle's shoes when trying to roleplay with April.
  • What Does She See in Him?: Ann goes out with The Douche in this episode, shocking Leslie.
  • Your Cheating Heart: The previous Health Department public relations director's wife cheated on him and gave him an STD.
  • Your Mom: While driving everyone home, Donna asks where the next stop is. Leslie replies, "Your mother's butt!"

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