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Recap / Overlord 2012 Episode 02 Floor Guardians

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After the Guardians swear their loyalty to Momonga, he hopes that they'll fulfill their duties without failure. Sebas Tian reports to him that Nazarick is surrounded by grasslands and not a swamp. Momonga confirms that Nazarick has been transported. He also confirms that the NPC's are loyal to him and teleports to leave the amphitheater. When Momonga leaves, the Guardians start to discuss about their benevolent master.


Momonga plans on going outside of Nazarick to see for himself. He encounters Demiurge's three demon generals on the 1st Floor. Demiurge notices Momonga and requests to accompany him outside. Momonga is amazed by the beauty of the new world and jokingly suggests on taking over the world which causes Demiurge to misinterpret his intentions. Momonga sees Mare doing a good job, concealing the walls of Nazarick and rewards him with the ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. Albedo descends from the sky and tells Mare that Momonga is currently disguising himself as his usual appearance will cause the denizens of Nazarick to halt their work and await his orders. Momonga then gives Albedo a ring of Ainz Ooal Gown since her role as the Overseer of the Floor Guardians requires her to be able to supervise the other Floor Guardians quickly and teleport back to Nazarick, she screams happily upon receiving it.


In the frontier, a group of warriors patrol the area while a mysterious group watches them. The mysterious figure orders his men to attack the next village and guide the beasts to their cage.

The episode contains examples of:

Major Events
  • Sebas Tian reports to Momonga that Nazarick is surrounded by Grasslands and Momonga confirms that Nazarick has been transported to unknown world.
  • Momonga goes outside of Nazarick along with Demiurge to see the new world.
  • Momonga speaks of world domination as an interesting notion, which Demiurge hears.
  • Momonga rewards Mare and Albedo each a ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Nigun Grid Luin orders his men to attack a certain village and to lure the beasts into their cage.

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