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This is a recap page for Outside Xbox's Dungeons & Dragons campaign The Oxventure. For tropes relating to Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra in other videos, go to Outside Xbox.

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    The Spicy Rat Caper 

Corazón: Arlo, may I call you Arlo?
Mr Mayweather: Of course.
Corazón: You don't need to worry, we have a very powerful Druid in our party.
Mr Mayweather: Right.

Corazón de Leon the pirate, a Human Rogue, Dob the Half-Orc Bard, Prudence the Tiefling Warlock and Merilwen the Wood-Elf Druid join forces in the market town of Castor Falls to investigate a string of missing persons cases, and the discovery of a spicy rat leads them towards a rather unique mystery.

Tropes appearing in this episode:

  • And the Adventure Continues: The story ends with Dob proposing that the group continue going on adventures together.
  • Arc Villain: The episode established M. Channail as The Oxventurers Guild's first recurring antagonist.
  • Baleful Polymorph: The Spicy Rat and the Chicken Husband, courtesy of M. Channail.
  • Batman Gambit: Merilwen's plan to expose the potions as being responsible for all of the missing people is so clever and so successful that it prompts Ellen to be awarded the first point of inspiration.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Some members of the gang are much more subdued than later on, Dob is even more financially responsible than Corazón in this adventure and the gang discuss not killing their opponents on sight. There is also no sign of Egbert the Careless (in reality, Mike had other commitments and was unable to attend the recording; M. Channail was intended to be a way of representing him in spirit).


    A Spot of Bother 

After their success with The Spicy Rat Caper, the newly minted Oxventurers Guild encounter trouble when Corazón's past comes back to haunt him, though they receive assistance in the form of Egbert the Careless, a Dragonborn Paladin seeking atonement.

Tropes appearing in this episode:

  • Art Evolution: The visual cutaways to the Oxventurers now shows fully realised custom portraits of the characters as opposed to the rough 3D models of the previous episode.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Dob may be a jokey, music playing Bard, but of the eight pirates killed throughout the story, Dob was responsible for five of them.
  • Big Badass Battle Sequence: One of the more intense melees that the Oxventurers participate on, from Corazón duelling Curly Joe to Merilwen feeding pirates to a squid, Dob going on a rampage with three one hit kills in a row, Prudence Eldritch Blasting and Egbert incinerating others with his flame breath.
  • Didn't Think This Through: The group's plan to lock the pirates in the boathouse fails upon remembering that they didn't lock the end where the boat is open to the sea, and so the pirates escape virtually instantly.
  • Black Spot: The inciting incident of the episode is Corazón receiving one of these from his old pirate crew.
  • Dance Party Ending: As Corazón takes the Joyful Damnnation out to sea, Dob plays his sister's lullaby, The Vengabus.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Dob disguises Corazón as a member of the ambiguously fictional "Spider-Tiger" species, surprisingly the pirates don't see through this at all.
  • Power Echoes: Prudence's next usage of Thaumaturgy gets another usage for the purpose of clearing away a table in a pub.
  • Loyalty Mission: Serves as one for Corazón.
  • Offscreen Inertia: Much like Gendry Baratheon before him, Lord Milquetoast was last seen rowing into the open sea.

    Wild Wild Woods 

Merilwen: There's something terribly horribly wrong guys!

The Oxventurers Guild, now featuring Corazón, Prudence, Egbert, Merilwen and Dob, dock the Joyful Damnnation on the shore of a thick wood for a picnic, where a mysterious wizard warns Merilwen of a danger threatening the future of the woods deep within.

Tropes appearing in this episode:

  • Blofeld Ploy: When Prudence murders an adjacent Goblin to the one she's interrogating to enhance said interrogation.
  • Bamboo Technology: The automated lumber mill seems to be build and powered by things from the surrounding forest.
  • Expy: As Lampshaded by Andy, the Mechanical Beetle shared a strong resembles to the Mechanical Spider from Wild Wild West.
  • Foreshadowing: The Wizard Binbag cryptically tells Merilwen "important things that have not yet come to pass will hinge on this forest"
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The Wizard Binbag admits that he's essentially a device to keep the runtime expedient owing to being filmed live.
  • Shout-Out: Dob straight up admits that one of his plans was inspired by the song "Far Crye 3".
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: The Oxventurers ambush a group of goblins, assuming they are the danger before they can verify anything, which Corazón acknowledges was jumping to conclusions a bit.

    An Orc-Ward Encounter 

Alfred Strangetide: Well, if you’re after something like absolution it can bring you that, or…
Egbert: What? I am SO about absolution!
Alfred Strangetide: …some say it has the power to help you convene with a god, even an awful one that nobody wants to be friends with. And some say it might cure diseases that you’ve had for ages when it doesn’t really make sense, and if you’re missing someone like a family member maybe that’ll help. Or it can help you commune with animals near and far and of all different sorts and…
Prudence: What about this guy?
Alfred Strangetide: It's probably worth loads of money!

Arriving in the very smelly town of Tanner's Folly, The Oxventurers Guild accept an escort mission from a local archeologist into an abandoned crypt to look for a supposedly wish-granting chalice, and end up having a very orc-ward encounter.

Tropes appearing in this episode:

  • Character Derailment: In-Universe, the first instance of the players penchant to override Johnny's planning.
  • Evil Twin: The titular Orc-Ward Encounter, when The Chalice Of Everything Everybody Wants generates an evil duplicate of Dob
  • Foe Yay: Prudence attempts to flirt with Evil Dob rather than fight him, to ultimately little avail.
  • MacGuffin: The Chalice Of Everything Everybody Wants. It seems to do anything and everything required to motivate any given character.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: Alfred at one point idly hums a tune containing a clue to the current puzzle, Luke as Dob pretends to ignore it.
  • What Could Have Been: Johnny reveals via Word of God that Alfred Strangetide was intended to wander off and trigger puzzle scenarios if the Oxventurers dawdled for too long, but that was not to be once they decided Dob had fashioned a papoose for Alfred.

    Quiet Riot 

The newly levelled up Oxventurers Guild meet a travelling omnibus of Lady Fyengeh on the road to the town of Inkwater, where the town is being subjugated by a mysterious cult known as "The Order of Keeping It Down" and their desires to maintain peace and quiet, at any cost.

Tropes appearing in this episode:

  • Gone Horribly Right: The first appearance of Merilwen's Meat Grinder and its ability to thoroughly maim several fully armoured guards in one fell swoop.

    Plunder Siege 

    A Fishmas Carol 

    Bad Chair Day 

    Brawl of the Wild 

    Heist Society 

    Stop Hammer Time! 

    Spell Check 

    Out of Order 

    Ship Happens 

    Mind Your Manors 

    Rolling In The Deep 

    Peak Performance 

    Exhibition Impossible 

    Faire Trial 

    Sect Appeal 

    Corn Ultimatum 

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