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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 5 The Twins Fight

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Hikaru and Kaoru beg to be allowed to visit Haruhi's home, but she refuses. They offer to play the "Which one is Hikaru game?", in exchange if she gets it wrong, the Twins will visit her home. Haruhi identifies Hikaru, but knowing that the twins are trying to trick her, comments about the differences between Hikaru and Kaoru which only she can apparently see. This triggers a fight between the inseparable siblings, even making them dye their hair different colors (blue and pink) in order to be told apart. The feud between the twins carries into the classroom and later, the refectory where everyone sees them. Haruhi learns that the twins have never had a fight before and wonders if they'll know when to stop. Back in Music Room 3, Kaoru threatens to use a Beelzenef curse doll obtained from Umehito Nekozawa, the president of the Black Magic Club, and threatens to write Hikaru's name on it, completing the curse. Haruhi intervenes and snatches the Beelzenef doll from Kaoru, chastising them both for taking things too far, adding that if they don't apologize immediately she will never let them visit her home. She then sees that Kaoru only wrote "blank" on the back and realizes the whole fight was a plot by the twins to be allowed to visit Haruhi's home. With the twins back together they continue playing the game, which Haruhi wins yet again. The twins wonder if maybe Haruhi is the only person who could truly understand them.


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