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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 24 And So Kyoya Met Him

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Kyoya recalls when he first met Tamaki two years ago, and how he only became friends with him because his father, Yoshio Ootori, insisted that it would be good for business. Kyoya explains how he perceived his familial role at that time and set out to please his father by befriending the new transfer student, Tamaki Suoh. Tamaki first meets Kyoya, who is the class president representative of middle school homeroom. Kyoya initially puts up with Tamaki's odd requests, travelling all over Japan while trying to wrap his head around the effluvient Tamaki, but can neither anticipate nor control him, which he finds eminently frustrating. One Sunday, Tamaki shows up at Kyoya's house unannounced, but before Kyoya can politely eject him, he's mesmerized by Tamaki's soulful musicianship (as are the other three Ootori siblings). Afterwards, as they share tea, Tamaki manages to push every button Kyoya has, who snaps at him for not appreciating his easy path to his family's patriarchy, whereas Kyoya, as the youngest son, has had to fight just to be acknowledged by his father. Tamaki parries by telling Kyoya that the only one holding Kyoya back is himself. At that point, Kyoya sees the ironic truth and laughs, demolishing the barriers between them and setting them up for a true friendship. Later that year, they sit under a kotatsu together and make plans to form the Host Club.


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  • Flashback

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