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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 23 Tamakis Unwitting Depression

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After Kasanoda realizes that Haruhi is a girl he is terrified by the twins and Honey for seeing Haruhi in her underwear, which also puts Tamaki in a state of near permanent shock. Now able to accept his feelings for Haruhi, Kasanoda promises to keep her secret. His 'fellas are quite confused because they still think Haruhi is a boy. When Kasanoda next visits the Host Club as a customer, he requests Haruhi; and because the other guests also think Haruhi is a boy, they become quite excited about the Yaoi possibilities. Tamaki is still catatonic with shock about the thought of Haruhi marrying Kasanoda and living as a Mob Wife, whereas Kyoya is thrilled because attendance at the club is way, way up. The twins are furious with Tamaki for being useless in a crisis and Kyoya for being a "money grubbing enabler". Kasanoda tries his best to tell Haruhi how he feels about her, but can't because of his shyness and also because to others he would be seen as gay, which he is not. Just as he plucks up the courage to tell Haruhi, she cuts him short and says that they'll be great friends, causing the girls present to feel sorry for Kasanoda. They're so moved by the moe drama of it that they rush to comfort him. Tamaki, however, confronts Kasanoda as an irate "parent," but Kasanoda is blunt about Tamaki not being Haruhi's father, a fantasy Tamaki has held from the outset in order to sublimate his own romantic feelings towards Haruhi. When Haruhi says Tamaki does act like her father, Tamaki rejoices and seizes the opportunity to reclaim his familial place in her life. Haruhi, herself, is oblivious to everything.


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