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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 19 Lobelia Girls Academy Strikes Back

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The Lobelia girls finally manage to kidnap Haruhi and bring her to St. Lobelia Girls' Academy where they dress her in uniform and invite her to join the Zuka Club because a fellow performer "broke a leg" and can't perform in their show that day. She refuses until she learns that Benibara's late mother would be disappointed in Benibara for cancelling the show. Meanwhile, the Host Club freaks out when they visit Ryouji and learn that Haruhi is with the Lobelia girls. They infiltrate St. Lobelia, spy on Haruhi's rehearsal and pretend to be fans of Lady Benibara in order to get close enough to Haruhi to rescue her. During the actual show, Tamaki overhears that there's to be a "kiss scene" and when Benibara speaks lines about revenge, the spotlight shines on the Hosts and Ryouji. Kyoya, in the meantime, has charmed his way into the control room and taken command of the technical console, having the image of Haruhi kissing Kanako at the Dance Party projected onto a large onstage screen for the world to see, thereby thwarting Benibara's hope to steal Haruhi's first kiss. The episode ends with the Zuka Club and the Hosts chasing Haruhi around the stage and everyone slipping on banana peels.


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