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Recap / Orange Is the New Black S01E07 "Blood Donut"

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"Blood Donut" is the seventh episode of Season One of Orange Is the New Black.

Watson is released from the SHU, where she was sent in "Imaginary Enemies", and Piper later confesses to misplacing the screwdriver. Through flashbacks, we see Watson's story as a promising track star. Chapman, for her part, attempts to take her WAC duties seriously, petitioning for the track to be re-opened. Healy agrees to do so only if she tracks down the source of the poon pictures currently giving the COs nightmares. Chapman does, but ultimately decides not to snitch on the phone's owner, causing Healy to rescind his offer. Instead, she convinces Susan Fischer, the new C.O., to take on the duty, and Watson gets her freedom to run again.


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