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Recap / Ookamikakushi S 1 E 5 Runaway

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Kanako, a young woman with glowing red eyes, furiously attacks a white-haired woman wielding a scythe in an attempt to defend herself, but is cut down.

Cue opening theme.

Hiroshi returns to the scene of the murder he witnessed the previous night, recalling Sakaki's warning about a strange group roaming the city by night and killing people. At the apartments, the Tsumuhana family is approached by members of Jōga's Vigilance Committee, who recommend they move back to Old Town until Issei recovers. In his room, Issei sits on his bed with a deranged expression. Mr. and Mrs. Tsumuhana ask if they can have more time to consider their options. Machida, one of the Vigilance Committee members, cautions against this due to the extenuating circumstances, but Mr. Tsumuhana states that he only wants time to talk things over with his family. As the Vigilance Committe agrees to their request, Isuzu eavesdrops from the hall with a sorrowful expression.


At school, Hiroshi is greeted by his classmates as usual, but his eyes stray to the empty desks as he contemplates the uneasy feeling he's getting, as though something sinister is about to occur. A hand grabs his shoulder and he screams, only for it to be revealed to be Kaname, who asks where Isuzu is. Embarassed, Hiroshi admits that he went ahead of her, and Kaname jokingly says Isuzu will be mad. Noting his glum response, Kaname asks if he got into a fight with her, but Hiroshi says it was nothing like that. As Kaname states that he can be absent-minded and might have made Isuzu mad without realizing, Hiroshi notices Nemuru watching him. As she glances away, Hiroshi gets up and walks to her desk, asking if something is wrong. Nemuru glares at him and asks why he'd think that, and Hiroshi reveals that he knows she insulted him to her uncle behind his back. Kaname grabs Hiroshi by the elbow, causing him to realize the rest of the class is anxiously watching the confrontation. He awkwardly finishes by telling Nemuru that if she has something to say to him she should say it to his face, but she dismisses him as the teacher arrives.


At the Tsumuhana family's apartment, Mr. Tsumuhana tells Isuzu that Issei will be staying home for the time being, and that if something happens they'll deal with it as a family. Mrs. Tsumuhana lamentingly asks why this is happening to her family, stating that Issei may be beyond help, but Isuzu protests that there are still medicine capsules left. Mr. Tsumuhana tries to maintain a positive attitude, but Mrs. Tsumuhana tells Isuzu to be careful too. Isuzu protests that she's fine, and to end the conversation she volunteers to check on her brother. She knocks on his door and, not hearing an answer, opens it to find Issei sitting on his bed. She offers to bring him some medication, but he says he's alright and that she needs the pills too, revealing that he knows the Vigilance Committee came and apologizing for worrying her.


At the school library, Hiroshi asks Kaname about the local urban legends, and she lists off a series of titles: "The Cannibal of the City", ghosts in the hospital, the Parade of Crimson Fireflies, and the nightly howling of the monster. Hiroshi asks about the "The Cannibal of the City", and she elaborates that there's said to be a monster that attacks people, wandering the streets at night looking for prey and attacking people in secluded places. Recalling the murder he witnessed, Hiroshi asks how the monster kills its victims, and Kaname replies that it sucks out their life force through their mouths. Hiroshi asks if there are any legends about a girl wielding a scythe and tells Kaname about the murder he witnessed, unaware that Nemuru is eavesdropping on the conversation, but Kaname thinks he made the story up. As Nemuru leaves, Kaname wonders what happened to Isuzu, and Hiroshi volunteers to check on her when he gets home.

That evening, Isuzu carries dinner to her brother's room and knocks on the door. Hearing no answer, she opens it to find him gone and the window open. Reaching the apartments, Hiroshi considers walking over to the Tsumuhana family residence, then hesitates and turns to go home. As the blood moon shines down, a panicked Isuzu dashes around the apartments, looking for her brother. At dinner, Mana asks Masaki how his writing is coming along, and he confesses that it's more difficult than he anticipated. When Hiroshi asks what he means, Masaki says he just has writer's block. Hiroshi asks if he knows of any urban legends about a girl wielding a scythe, but Masaki says he doesn't and suggests he ask Kaname. When Hiroshi says he already tried that, Maasaki says he'll look into it. Mana finishes eating and tells Hiroshi it's his turn to clean up, and when Hiroshi states that it should be her turn, she reminds him that they switched chore days.

After dinner, Maskai and Mana watch TV while Hiroshi washes dishes and volunteers to take out the trash. Outside, Issei stands on the roof of the apartment, silhouetted by the blood moon, then steps off the edge. As Hiroshi puts the garbage bags in the dumpster, he turns to see Issei standing behind him. Issei slowly approaches, staggering slightly, then looks up to reveal his eyes are glowing red. Realizing that this isn't the Issei that he knows, Hiroshi flees and hides behind some parked cars, but Issei lands on top of them with inhuman speed and strength. Panicking, Hiroshi flees again and pauses to catch his breath, thinking he's safe, but Issei grabs him in a headlock and tries to kiss him, laughing maniacally. Remembering the urban legend Kaname had told him about earlier, Hiroshi realizes he's about to have his soul sucked out. As Hiroshi struggles to push Issei's face away from his own, an approaching car pulls over and Issei's underclassman gets out. Hiroshi manages to break away and escape, and Issei approaches his underclassman and kisses her. Bells chime nearby, causing Issei to look around in horror as the Vigilance Committee members step from the shadows. Issei flees in terror, and his underclassman attempts to follow but is detained by the Vigilance Committee.

Chased by the masked and cloaked figures, Issei flees into the alleys and is cornered in a dead end. The scythe-wielding woman approaches, the bells on her weapon chiming eerily. The woman looks up, revealing herself to be Nemuru Kushinanda with white hair. Issei bursts into maniacal laughter, exclaiming how good succumbing to the monster inside himself feels. Nemuru coldly cuts him down, and hearing his dying scream Isuzu calls out to him in despair. Nemuru and her followers depart, while a mournful wolf howls. In the safety of his bedroom, Hiroshi wonders that happened to Issei and realizes that something is off.

At the Kushinada Clan's manor in Old Jōga, Nemuru arrives to find her uncle and father engaged in a conversation and delivers a message from Machida: that Issei Tsumuhana became a Kamibito, and Masami Ichigaki's treatment is to be entrusted to her uncle. Shigetsu says that executing the Fallen must be hard on her, but Nemuru softly states that it's not. At the apartments, Isuzu comes across a wolf head carving and hassaku orange left on her doorstep and reacts in horror.

The next day, Hiroshi waits to walk with Isuzu to school, but she doesn't arrive. Mana suggests she's just taking another day off, then jokingly asks Hiroshi if Isuzu dumped him. Mana remarks that they'll be late if they don't hurry and suggests he call her, but Hiroshi remembers Issei's feral behaviour and to Mana's dismay excuses himself, saying he'd feel bad if he disturbed Isuzu while she was sick in bed. In the Tsumuhana house, Isuzu laments Issei's death as cruel, and is scolded by her father for defending him. Isuzu angrily asks how they can be so cruel to their own son, but Mrs. Tsumuhana tells her that there are rules to be followed and she doesn't want to lose her daughter as well.

At the hospital, Shigetsu asks Sakaki how he found out about the hassaku capsules, which were supposed to be secret. Sakaki replies that a secret is impossible to keep when so many people know of it, and Shigetsu demands to know what he wants. Sakaki slyly replies that he wants to be of use, but that in order to do so he needs data. At school, Kaname concernedly asks Hiroshi where Isuzu is and if he went to her house, but he says that he couldn't. Further discussion is interrupted by the teacher's arrival. Isuzu stands outside the classroom with a sorrowful expression; then sighs, forces herself to smile, and opens the door while cheerfully announcing she's late. As Isuzu takes her seat and apologizes to Kaname for worrying her, Hiroshi is taken aback when she pointedly ignores him. After school, he confronts her in the hall and asks if she's recovered from her cold, but Isuzu states she didn't have a cold. Hiroshi asks what happened, and Isuzu begins to tell him that her brother was murdered, but hesitates when Nemuru rounds the corner towards them and instead says that Issei moved away. When Hiroshi asks where Issei moved to, Isuzu waits until Nemuru is out of earshot, and tearfully tells him the truth: that her brother was killed.

Cue end credits.

  • Dramatic Drop: When Isuzu discovers Issei has succumbed to his instincts and run away, she drops the platter of food she was carrying in horror.
  • Easily Overheard Conversation: Hiroshi tells Kaname about the murder he witnessed in the middle of the school library, with Nemuru listening in on them from the end of the aisle.
  • Evil Feels Good: When cornered by the Hunter, Issei breaks into maniacal laughter and exclaims how good succumbing to his instincts feels, lamenting that he bothered holding back at all.
  • Eye Open: When she hears Hiroshi tell Kaname about the murder he witnessed, Nemuru's eye opens into a stern glare. This is because she is the scythe-wielding woman killing people.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: In his feral state, Issei's eyes are glowing crimson.
  • Hidden Eyes: While Isuzu eavesdrops on her parents' conversation with the Vigilance Committee, her eyes are masked by the bangs of her hair.
  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: After chasing Hiroshi around intending to curse him, the tables are turned on Issei when he finds himself being hunted by the scythe-wielding girl.
  • Jump Scare: Issei does this to Hiroshi twice using his superhuman speed.
  • Kiss of the Vampire: The Vigilance Committee reveals that when Issei kissed Masami, his underclassman, he changed her into a Kamibito like himself.
  • Laughing Mad: When crawling over the cars to chase Hiroshi and pinning him in a headlock, and when confronted by Nemuru, Issei lets out a menacing, deranged cackle.
  • Limp and Livid: When Issei jumpscares Hiroshi, his back is hunched in a feral posture.
  • Mook Horror Show: There is a lengthy first-person scene of Issei fleeing from the Hunter through a series of alleys, finding himself cornered in a dead end alley.
  • Not So Stoic: The seemingly cold and ruthless Nemuru cries after killing Issei, and puts her mask on so her followers won't see her tears.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Nemuru delivers one to Issei before killing him:
    Nemuru: Fallen wolf, I shall cleanse you.
  • The Reveal: Nemuru is revealed to be the white-haired Hunter wielding the scythe.
  • Sanity Slippage: Issei finally succumbs to the curse of the Kamibito, attacking Hiroshi with a Slasher Smile and kissing his underclassman. When he's hunted down and killed by Nemuru, he maniacally gushes about how foolish he was for suppressing his instincts and that he wouldn't go back even if he could.
  • Secret Police: The Vigilance Committee acts as this, quietly executing the Town Council's orders, disappearing people who have been kissed by a Fallen Kamibito, and making sure none of the Kamibito step out of line. If they do, the Hunter pays them a visit with the business end of her scythe.
  • Stepford Smiler: Isuzu masks her grief and rage about her brother's death behind a cheerful facade.
  • Reality Ensues: The movie trailer about an explorer who left his dogs in the Antarctic for a year and came back to find them seems to be setting up a heartfelt reunion... only for the ravenous dogs to try to eat him.
  • Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises: As a sign of his Sanity Slippage, Issei is seen huddled in his room with his irises narrowed to slits, rapidly darting around the room.

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