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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 90 Coen Brothers Careerin Review

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Ep 90 - Coen Brothers Career in Review

Released: Wednesday Aug 05, 2015 at 05:00 PM - Length: 0:57:00
Top Five Kyle Themos Nick Paul from Ep 98
5 A Simple Plan Greed Narrator The Narrator
4 Motor Mouth Black Comedy Wrong Genre Savvy Hanlon's Razor
3 Police stop - Fargo Flipping the coin for the store clerk - No Country for Old Men Going into the woods - Miller's Crossing Introducing "The Jesus" - The Big Lebowski
2 Danny Boy shootout - Miller's Crossing Ending - Barton Fink Please Mr Kennedy - Inside Llewyn Davis Coin flipping scene - No Country for Old Men
1 Gutterball scene - The Big Lebowski The old man said take any rug in the house. - The Big Lebowski Carla Jean's coin flip - No Country for Old Men Wood chipper scene - Fargo

Whiplash True Grit The Secret Garden
Raging Bull Requiem for a Dream A Serious Man
Hoarders In Bruges There Will Be Blood
Blackfish Inside Llewyn Davis Michael Clayton
Tig Notaro - Live O Brother, Where Art Thou?? Once
I Am Chris Farley Raising Arizona Burn After Reading
GenreBusting The Big Lebowski The Hudsucker Proxy
Mel Brooks The Odyssey The Stranger
No Country for Old Men Barton Fink 10 Years
Blood Simple. Production Posse Brazil
Miller's Crossing Rounders The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Fargo Transformers Snatch.

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