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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 74 Real Trailer Fake Movie

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Ep 74 - Real Trailer, Fake Movie

Released: Saturday Mar 21, 2015 at 05:00 AM - Length: 0:49:00
Top Five Kyle Cir Nick Jon from Ep 165
5 Live action movie - Dora the Explorer Waldo: The Movie - Where's Waldo?? Trailer for every Oscar winning movie ever - Cracked George Lucas Special Edition - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
4 Tetris: The Movie - Tetris Jews In Space - History of the World Part I Mortal Kombat: Rebirth - Mortal Kombat Dundee (2018) - Crocodile Dundee
3 Gobstopper - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory T3: The Greatest Action Story Ever Told - MADtv Don't - Grindhouse POWER/RANGERS - Power Rangers
  Gump Fiction - MADtv   
2 The Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Inefficient Weapon Werewolf Women Of The SS - Grindhouse The Midnight Coterie Of Sinister Intruders - Saturday Night Live Uncharted Live Action Movie - Uncharted
1 Pokemon Snap movie - Jurassic Park Disney Princesses Spring Breakers - Spring Breakers Weird: The Al Yankovic Story - "Weird Al" Yankovic Deadpool - Original Test Footage - Deadpool
    Meepless In Seattle - Phineas and Ferb

Getting Doug With High WolfCop 22 Jump Street
Doug Loves Movies Saturday Night Live Tropic Thunder
Drunk History Gritty Reboots Howlin' For You - The Black Keys
You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes Scary Poppins - Mary Poppins 30 Rock
Exactly What It Says on the Tin Shining - The Shining McBain - The Simpsons
Original Trailer - Machete ThunderCats (1985) The Critic
Original Trailer - Hobo with a Shotgun Daria: High School Reunion - Daria The Legend Of Zelda Live Action Movie - TheLegendOfZelda
Grindhouse The Magic Schoolbus  

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