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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 673 Coming Up In 2015

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Ep 67.3 - Coming Up In 2015

Released: Friday Jan 09, 2015 at 12:00 AM - Length: 1:03:00
Top Five Cir Nick Paul from the UK
5 Kanye West Tomorrowland  
Kendrick Lamar   
4 Uncanny Inhumans Two Days One Night  
Heaven (James Robinson)   
3 The Martini Shot - George Pelecanos Better Call Saul Season 2 - Fargo (Series)
2 Star Talk Untitled Cold War Spy Thriller as it was called at the time - Bridge of Spies Last Week Tonight
1 Mad Max: Fury Road The Hateful 8 The Nightly Show

The Hunger Games Tropes of Legend The Last Temptation of Christ
Battle Royale Love Triangle Bringing Out The Dead
Let the Right One In Femme Fatale Brad Bird
City of God Forgetting Sarah Marshall Pixar
The Butterfly Effect Real Trailer, Fake Movie Harrison Ford
The Walking Dead Hobo with a Shotgun Tom Hanks
The Good Son Funny Or Die The Fugitive
Unbreakable CollegeHumor Martin Scorsese
The Tipping Point Weird: The Al Yankovic Story David Fincher
Serial Affably Evil Zodiac
The Interview Back from the Dead The Social Network
Room 237 Body Horror Gone Girl
The Shining The Human Centipede The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Veep eXistenZ Fight Club
Genre Savvy podcast The Fly John Cazale
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Cloudcuckoolander The Deer Hunter
The Incredibles Gilligan Cut Nicolas Cage
Jurassic World Murder, Arson, and Jaywalking Stanley Kubrick
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Good Old Fashioned Fisticuffs John Singleton
Inglorious Basterds No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Guillermo del Toro
The Wolf of Wall Street The Godfather Benicio del Toro
Bad Breakup Montage Paul Schrader Barry Lyndon
The Cable Guy Taxi Driver Echo Chamber
Everybody Has Lots of Sex Raging Bull  
One-Winged Angel Goodfellas  

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