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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 44 Sea Stories

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Ep 44 - Sea Stories

or Down Periscope

Released: Saturday May 03, 2014 at 12:00 AM - Length: 0:59:08
Rereleased: Friday Jun 30, 2017 at 08:44 PM

Top Five Kyle Tristin Sane from Ep 134 Cir Nick
5 Titanic (1997) Any Ship - Guns of Icarus Jason and the Argonauts The Abyss
4 Finding Nemo The Kestrel - FTL: Faster Than Light The Sea Wolf Blue Planet
3 Life of Pi The Helicarrier - The Avengers (2012) seaQuest DSV The Hunt for Red October
2 Bioshock USS Constitution aka "Old Ironsides" - Real Life The Pirates of Dark Water Knife in the Water
1 Captain Phillips BS 75 Galactica - Battlestar Galactica (2003) Crimson Tide Bears On A Submarine

Monsters Not Even Bothering with the Accent Values Dissonance
Gareth Edwards MST3K Mantra Korean Movies
Godzilla (2014) Translation Convention Shiri
No Budget Silent Running Mode Oldboy
World War Z World War III Prometheus
Brad Pitt Defector from Commie Land Alien
Bryan Cranston Impeded Communication Spiritual Successor
Jodorowsky's Dune Heroic Mime The Land Before Time
H. R. Giger Underwater City Jurassic Park
Alejandro Jodorowsky Apocalyptic Log Francis Ford Coppola
Jaws Bioshock Infinite Academy Award
Pirates Ominous Obsidian Ooze John Cazale
S06E04 - Land Pirates - Nash Bridges Venom Blow Out
Dressed to Plunder Hidden Backup Prince Brian De Palma
The Odyssey Luke Skywalker - Star Wars John Travolta
The Iliad Cosmic Keystone Spotting the Thread
Moby-Dick Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Juno
Ernest Hemingway Everything's Better with Monkeys Hard Candy
Lost Comedic Relief Characters The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rome Whatevermancy Howard Hughes
Gilligan's Island Roman Polański Orson Welles
Ocean of Adventure Love Triangle Master Forger
The Perfect Storm Five-Finger Fillet Exact Words
Captain Phillips Jimmy Page The Reveal
Eldritch Ocean Abyss John Lennon Juliette Binoche
Sphere Johnny Cash Mind Screw
Queen Latifah Tom Hanks Bruce Campbell
The Birds Based on a True Story Beast Duels Radio Hour
Going Down with the Ship Ruthless Modern Pirates Michael K. Williams
Based on a True Story Foregone Conclusion The Wire
Super Team Paul Greengrass Scrabble
Hercules, Perseus, Theseus - Classical Mythology Mortals And Demigods The Bourne Series Freakazoid!
The Avengers (2012) Jitter Cam Earthworm Jim
James Cameron Catch Me If You Can Ep 42 - Steven Spielberg - On the Tropes
Ed Harris Tony Scott Steven Spielberg
Alluring Anglerfish Denzel Washington Animaniacs
Jack London Gene Hackman Tiny Toon Adventures
The Sea Wolf (1993) A Nuclear Error There Will Be Blood
Charles Bronson Mexican Standoff Gangs of New York
Lost at Sea Spoiler Groundhog Day
Saved to Enslave War Is Hell Once per Episode
The Sociopath Ep 41 - Large Ham - On the Tropes Annie Hall
Misery Builds Character Large Ham Firefly
Self-Made Man Bears Are Bad News Ep 40 - Only Sane Man - On the Tropes
Friedrich Nietzsche Snakes on a Plane Only Sane Man
The Social Darwinist Rise of the Planet of the Apes Nicolas Cage
The Call of the Wild Channing Tatum South Park
Planet Earth Armie Hammer Running Gag
David Attenborough The Weinstein Company Twilight
Life Of Pi (Literature) Gorilla In An Apartment Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Unreliable Narrator Trilogy Supernatural
Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane Rousing Speech Ep 33 - Big Eater - On the Tropes
Star Trek Network Big Eater
Sapient Cetaceans Videodrome Extreme Omnivore
Ecco the Dolphin The Pre-Code Era Yoshi - Super Mario Bros.
Cold War Walter Huston Kirby
Alec Baldwin Jack Huston Pac-Man
Jack Ryan Boardwalk Empire Monty Python's Flying Circus
Tom Clancy Dirty Harry Supersize Me
Sean Connery Herbert Hoover 50 Cent

Double Feature Kyle Cir Nick
1A Blowup The Beast Of The City F for Fake
1B The Conversation Nowhere To Hide Certified Copy

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