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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 221 Great Escapes

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Ep 221 - Great Escapes

Released: Friday Sep 11, 2020 at 09:50 AM - Length: 0:59:50

Top Five Cir Nick
5 S01E08 - The Forgotten - Batman: The Animated Series Cool Hand Luke
4 Joshuu Sasori AKA Female Prisoner Scorpion A Man Escaped
3 Papillon (1973) The Great Escape
S03E11 - The Hunted - Star Trek: The Next Generation  
2 S03E02 - Rebirth - Avatar: The Legend of Korra Paddington 2
1 Assata Shakur - Real Life The Grand Illusion

Jail Bake Green Book Space Cowboys
Frame-Up White Savior Dante's Peak
Wrongly Accused Some of My Best Friends Are X Species Ii
No Way Out Karma Houdini I, Robot (Film)
P.O.W. Camp Vigilante Execution Spiderman 3
All Crimes Are Equal Rule of Symbolism Succession
The Shawshank Redemption Starman James Garner
Disproportionate Retribution Spaceballs Richard Attenborough
Out of Sight Watch It Stoned Ocean's Eleven
American Prisons Meiko Kaji Charles Bronson
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Lady Snowblood Donald Pleasence
Birdman of Alcatraz Girls Behind Bars Claustrophobia
Imdb Knife Nut Avatar: The Last Airbender
National Film Registry Revenge Tailor-Made Prison
Paul Muni Better Than It Sounds The Hero's Journey
Academy Award Daughters of the Dust The Lord of the Rings
Cool People Rebel Against Authority The Criterion Collection Brendan Gleeson
Police State Robert Bresson Modern Times
Disposable Vagrant World War Ii Charlie Chaplin
Easy Amnesia La Résistance Central Theme
Corrupt Hick Steve Mcqueen Immigration and Diaspora Tropes
Reed Richards Is Useless James Cromwell Some Anvils Need to be Dropped (depreciated)
Paul Newman Super Soldier Star Trek
Bonnie and Clyde Cursed With Awesome Run for the Border
Doctor Dolittle James Cromwell The War on Terror
The Graduate L.A. Confidential Cold-Blooded Torture
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Babe Jean Renoir
In the Heat of the Night George Miller World War I
Award Snub Revenge of the Nerds Erich von Stroheim
Rod Steiger Values Dissonance Worthy Opponent
Dustin Hoffman Star Trek: First Contact Working-Class Hero
Warren Beatty Babe: Pig in the City Race Tropes
Spencer Tracy Deep Impact The Rules of the Game
Sidney Poitier The Green Mile Always Male

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