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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 220 Daughters Of The Dust

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Ep 220 - Daughters of the Dust

Released: Friday Jul 17, 2020 at 12:09 PM - Length: 1:05:00
Julie Dash Anachronic Order Womanism
The Criterion Collection Silent Movie Feminism
Vindicated by History Starbucks Skin Scale Magical Realism
Netflix Mixed Ancestry Guillermo del Toro
National Film Registry Reality Has No Subtitles Pan's Labyrinth
Beyoncé Knocking And Kicking Walk on Water
Lemonade (2016) Capoeira Angelic Tropes
Terrence Malick Bob's Burgers Picnic at Hanging Rock
African-American Creators Audience Surrogate Akira Kurosawa
The Color Purple Alternative Character Interpretation Ikiru
The Women Of Brewster Place Made a Slave Music Video Tropes
Steven Spielberg Voudoun Breaths - Sweet Honey In The Rock
African-American Media Dvd Commentary Gospel Music
Race Film Hide Your Lesbians Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman
Dead Presidents Narrator Thinking Of You - Tony Toni Tone
Existential Horror Look Who's Talking Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Juice Roger Ebert Tim Meadows as TonEe?
Higher Learning Perspective Magic Subtext
Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes Meaningful Name Love Letter
Rape as Backstory Ayn Rand Cool Old Lady
Implied Trope Toni Morrison Immigrant Parents
Spoiler Alice Walker Great Escape

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