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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 2002 Hot Takes

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Ep 200.2 - Hot Takes

Released: Friday Nov 22, 2019 at 06:00 AM - Length: 1:08:18

Top Five Cir Nick Kyle Themos Eva Lawrence from Ep 200.3 Jon from Ep 202
6 Complaining about plot hole, especially minor technical ones, is stupid - Plot Hole       
5   Writing off a movie based only on what its about is missing so much else about what makes a good movie - Overshadowed by Controversy     It's good to have Themos back, and Eva is cool  
4 The Passion Of Joan Of Arc isn't the best movie ever, it isn't even the best Joan of Arc movie - The Passion of Joan of Arc I've never seen a Luc Besson movie I thought was good - Luc Besson     Regardless of what he claims, Cir's actual catchphrase is 'Probably one of the most...'  
3 I haven't read Scorsese and Coppola's article, but generally agree that movies in the MCU do need to be treated differently from Cinema - Marvel Cinematic Universe Andy Dryer and Tom Hammerford are the worst character in Parks And Recreation - Parks and Recreation Ketchup is the worst condiment - Stock "Yuck!" Firefly was just OK - Firefly Food writing is unnecessarily pornographic, spending the majority of the article talking about things other than the food - Food Porn Kyle needs to drink for referring to Dead Space and Spider-Man games as a movies multiple times Bacon is amazing, but people who put it in chocolate and ice cream are monsters
2 Raisins don't belong in anything - Stock "Yuck!" The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is not marvelous, it's a bad show - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel The film of The Shining isn't that scary - The Shining If you climb Mount Everest for fun, you're an asshole - Mountain Climbing Movies are too goddamn long - Extra-Long Episode On The Rocks keeps recycling tropes on their show The new Star Wars movies aren't that special, but that's OK, because Star Wars was never that special. - Star Wars
1 If God is real, then God is Racist, and if God is Racist, then Batman is Racist - Batman The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars film of all time, and that is not a hot take, that's just a fact. - Star Wars: The Last Jedi The Designated Hitter is boring, and National League teams are built better than American League teams - Baseball Brussel sprouts are the worst vegetable, and brussel sprout apologists refuse to acknowledge they are cysts excised from cabbages - Stock "Yuck!" Fuck Calvin and Hobbes - Calvin and Hobbes Nick is still wrong about pretty much everything If you have more picks that you're supposed to, you should just own it rather than cheat with "Runner ups" and "Honorable Mentions" - On the Tropes

Alan Tudyk The Orphanage Jason Giambi
Dexter Tear Jerker Sports Illustrated
The New Yorker Primal (2019) Designated Driver
Neil Degrasse Tyson Genndy Tartakovsky John Carpenter
IMDB Samurai Jack David Cronenberg
Triumph of the Will Parental Abandonment Mario Kart
Leni Riefenstahl Non-Idle Rich Super Mario Bros. 2
Propaganda Piece Native Guide Inappropriate Role Model
Censorship Tropes Shazam! Broken Pedestal
Star Wars Zachary Levi Ego Tropes
Game of Thrones BMovie Flipping the Table
Feminism Drive-In Theater Dwayne Johnson
Character Arc City of God Jason Statham
Joker (2019) Marvel Cinematic Universe Hobbs & Shaw
Pacing Problems Avengers: Infinity War Is God A White Racist?: A Preamble to Black Theology - William R Jones
Binge Watching Avengers: Endgame James H Cone
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc Ryan Coogler Race Tropes
Milla Jovovich Black Panther Police State
John Malkovich Martin Scorsese Stay in the Kitchen
Faye Dunaway Film Serial Political Ideologies
Dustin Hoffman Francis Ford Coppola Sinister Surveillance
Maria Falconetti Superman Baman Inc
One-Book Author Silence Bruce wayne sketch - Saturday Night Live
Blatant Lies On the Rocks Chance The Rapper
Marathon Man John Wick Joan Osborne
Carl Theodor Dreyer Edgar Wright Firefly
Wasabi Live-Action Adaptation Solo: A Star Wars Story
Robert Bresson Frank Miller Star Wars: Rogue One
The Trial Of Joan Of Arc Sin City Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Léon: The Professional Hard Boiled (Comic Book) Benicio del Toro
The Fifth Element The Auteur Theory Jemaine Clement
Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes The Dark Knight Taika Waititi
Ordet Batman Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Filmspotting Sequelitis Star Wars: A New Hope
Nightmare Retardant James Gunn La La Land
Creepy Child The Last Temptation of Christ Ryan Gosling
Paranormal Activity Roger Ebert John Legend
The Exorcist True Art Emma Stone
Adult Fear Crosses the Line Twice Overwatch
The Babadook Terrence Gore Academy Award