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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 195 Cruel And Unusual Death

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Ep 195 - Cruel and Unusual Death

Released: Friday Oct 4, 2019 at 1:19 PM - Length: 0:56:39

Top Five Kyle Eva Cir Nick Wednesday from Ep 200.3
5 Woman killed by seven dachsunds - Real Life Live dismemberment, crushed by a boulder, rolled down a hill in a barrel lined with nails - Two Thousand Maniacs! S06E06 - Treehouse of Horror V - The fog that turns people inside out - The Simpsons The wood chipper - Fargo  
4 Having your arm bitten off, then grabbed from beneath the helicopter and hurled into a window underwater while strapped to a gurney - Deep Blue Sea Mauled to death by a werewolf - An American Werewolf in London Eaten by sharks - Open Water Having a carrot punched through your head - Shoot 'em Up  
3 Tim having each of his limbs twisted until they break, and then his neck on 'The Rack' - Saw III Having your arms, legs and face blown off by a land mine, leaving you blind, deaf, dumb, unable to move, and withou even the hope of a merciful death - Johnny Got His Gun Being eaten alive by zombies (especially scene when Tom Savini was eaten) - Dawn of the Dead Having your face smashed, mauled by a dog, smashed through a glass door, nearly drownsed, and finally set on fire - Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood  
2 Every episode - Happy Tree Friends Being flayed alive - The Black Cat Rebellious slaves boiled alive in sugar - Real Life Tearing your own head off with your bare hands - Post Tenebras Lux  
1 Jim gouging our a soldiers eyes with his thumbs - 28 Days Later Having your mouth sewn shut and being left to die - Murders in the Zoo The Dark - Lights Out (Radio) The blood eagle - Midsommar Getting crushed in the garage door - Scream
Failing the eye surgery scene - Dead Space 2    The guy who feeds himself to the lions - The Happening  
Slicing open your own eye with a razor blade - Would You Rather?     

Glassy Prison Horror Comedy The boot being dipped - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Bride of Frankenstein Adrift S06E16 - Bart Vs Australia - The Simpsons
Universal Horror Clive Owen Bela Lugosi
Squick Made of Plasticine Boris Karloff
Torture Porn Coitus Uninterruptus Aleister Crowley
Slasher Movie Nicolas Cage Flaying Alive
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Drive Angry Les Diabolique
The Slumber Party Massacre Final Destination Eyes Without a Face
Exploitation Film Arch Oboler The Pre-Code Era
Gorn James Cagney Special Effects
Hoist by His Own Petard One - Metallica Viserys Targaryen being 'crowned' with molton gold - Game of Thrones
Karmic Death Dalton Trumbo No OSHA Compliance
The Incredibles Trumbo Slow Cinema
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Bryan Cranston Non Linear Storytelling
Herschell Gordon Lewis Academy Award Tying dynamite to your head and then changing your mind just a little too late - Pierrot le Fou
Natalie Merchant Oscar Bait Eye Scream
10,000 Maniacs And I Must Scream Deadwood
A Fête Worse Than Death Tom Savini Salvador Dalí
Hillbilly Horrors George A. Romero Un Chien Andalou
Sons Of The Soil - The Simpsons Eaten Alive 28 Weeks Later
Ear Worm Devoured by the Horde Evil Dead
Fog of Doom Dead Snow Lionel Atwill
I'm a Humanitarian BookEnds Gory Discretion Shot
It Was All A Dream Channing Tatum Kathleen Burke
A Chorus Line The Hateful 8 Island of Lost Souls
Steve Buscemi Magic Mike XXL 7
Saturday Night Live 22 Jump Street Roar
Stellan Skarsgård 21 Jump Street Just Toying with Them
An Arm and a Leg Side Effects Succession
Threatening Shark White House Down Nothing Is Scarier
Jaws Jupiter Ascending  
Hell Is That Noise Fighting  

Game - Hotel Rwanda For Frogs

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