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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 194 Foreshadowing

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Ep 194 - Foreshadowing

Released: Friday Sep 27, 2019 at 06:00 AM - Length: 1:13:35

Top Five Kyle Eva Cir Nick
5 The first letter of each chapter spells out the games twist - Dead Space How does someone end up becoming a circus geek? - Nightmare Alley The entire movie / 'You've got red on you' - Shaun of the Dead Mr Orange narcing On Mr Pink for not contributing to the tip - Reservoir Dogs
  Each chapter being named after a tarot card - Nightmare Alley (Literature)   
4 Atreus's identity - God of War (PS4) The dream at Rekall predicting the events of the film - Total Recall Dudley asking Exley what he would be willing to do as a detective - L.A. Confidential Grant discribing how raptors hunt - Jurassic Park
3 Ed discribing the plan for the days drinking - Shaun of the Dead The gas station attendant warning them 'There's nothing back there but animals' - The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Whistling Itsy-Bitsy Spider - Us Getting hit by thrown rocks they turn out they threw themselves - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2 Edna Mode's warning about capes - The Incredibles Doctor giving the tour turns out to be a patient who pretends to be a doctor - The Ninth Configuration The blood splatter on the smiley face matching the doomsday clock - Watchmen The sort of the ballet paralleling the movie / Applauding in the middle - The Red Shoes (1948)
1 The seatbelt / Life finds a way - Jurassic Park The music / The shark will eat all your fancy equipment - Jaws Rose in the bakery / eating fruit loops - Get Out! Horror movies where a deer is hit by a car in the beginning in service of ominous foreshadowing - Many horror movies

Darknessand Shadows Tropes Hot Fuzz William Peter Blatty
John Cassavetes British Accents Dr. Psych Patient
Shadows Us The Reveal
Under The Shadow Get Out! Double Feature
Death of a Shadow Jordan Peele The Exorcist III
Alfred Hitchcock Horror Films Patrick Ewing
Shadow of a Doubt Slow Cinema The Cameo
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey The Babadook Watchmen (2019)
The White Shadow Kick the Dog Damon Lindelof
Ken Howard Even Evil Has Standards Lost
Meaningful Name Spoiler The Leftovers
Better Call Saul Narc Michael Powell
Dreaming of Things to Come Ray Liotta Emeric Pressburger
Chekhov's Gun Jason Patric Moira Shearer
The Law of Conservation of Detail Ray Liotta Chiantix Ad - Paul F Tompkins Ballet
Notorious Harsher in Hindsight George A. Romero
Once More, with Clarity! Jude Law Black Swan
Flashback Guy Pearce Fridge Brilliance
Rewatch Bonus By-the-Book Cop Spaceballs
Epileptic Trees Police Brutality Open Water
Wild Mass Guessing Violence Really Is the Answer Jaws: The Revenge
Jordan Peele James Cromwell Michael Caine
Get Out! The Family Star Wars
Word of God Babe Jurassic Park (Literature)
Jossed American Horror Story A Cure for Wellness
It Was All A Dream Jason Robards The Ring Two
Death of the Author Justin Bieber The Invitation
mother! Nothing Is Scarier Train to Busan
Adam and Eve Plot Cruel and Unusual Death My God, What Have I Done??
Global Warming Jurassic Park III The Strangers
The VVitch Planes, Trains and Automobiles Liv Tyler
Coming-Out Story The Addams Family Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
The Twilight Zone (2019) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Hollywood Satanism
Mythology Gag ThanksKilling Wayne's World
Shared Universe The Hills Have Eyes (2006) The Bible
Mallrats Creepy Gas Station Attendant Evil Plan
Frank Miller Big, Screwed-Up Family Captain America: Civil War
J. K. Rowling I'm a Humanitarian Screen Junkies
Harry Potter Wes Craven Honest Trailers
Word of Gay Nuclear Nasty Defictionalization
Lying Creator Abusive Parents Cardcaptor Sakura
Alpha Flight The Hills Have Eyes Part II Magical Girl
Prequel Spoiler The Shadowhunter Chronicles
Eric Clapton Doppelgänger Twin Peaks
Tropes Are Tools Harry Potter La Jetée
Guillermo del Toro Alfonso Cuarón Francisco Lindor
Remake Time Travel Toy Story
Tyrone Power Exactly What It Says on the Tin Harry Potter
Leonardo DiCaprio Strangers with Candy That Thing You Do!
Bradley Cooper Cape Snag Tom Hanks
What The Hell, Casting Agency?? Turbine Blender Ice Cube
Xena: Warrior Princess Disney Death IceT
Eyes Without a Face Pixar Law & Order: SVU
Cronos The Exorcist Friday
Quentin Tarantino Stacy Keach Three Kings
Martin Scorsese Bedlam House 2019 Knights Art Challenge Winner - Conjure Comics

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