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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 193 Circus Of Fear

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Ep 193 - Circus of Fear

Released: Friday Sep 20, 2019 at 06:00 AM - Length: 1:05:46

Top Five Kyle Eva Cir Nick
5 Clown She Freak Professor Screweyes and his Eccentric Circus - We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story Two-Face at the circus - Batman Forever
4 Circus level - Batman Forever (Game) He Who Gets Slapped Carnivàle The Elephant Man
Carnival Night Zone - Sonic 3 & Knuckles    
3 The Meat Circus - Psychonauts Pleasure Island - Pinocchio Ep 66 - Sideshow - Batman: The Animated Series Kong being displayed in New York - King Kong
2 American Horror Story: Freak Show The Unknown Santa Sangre Seeing Cirque du Soleil on mushrooms - Knocked Up
1 Beppi the Clown - Cuphead Geek Love Historical tratement of minorites by circuses - Real Life Werckmeister Harmonies

Recommended Kyle Eva Cir Nick
1 Insta360 One-X Having an accessible box of extension cords when moving into a new home Snowfall The Farewell
2    The Jook - Gary Phillips  

Monster Clown Lawrence of Arabia Mind Screw
Primal Fear Match Cut Cult
Absurd Phobia Out of Sight Groin Attack
Spiders Are Scary That One Level Psycho
Class 4 - Planetary Environmental Collapse - Apocalypse How Escort Mission Body Horror
Claustrophobia Timed Mission Gotti
Darkness = Death Advancing Wall of Doom John Travolta
Fear Of Heights Difficulty Spike Cirque du Soleil
Open Water Mental World Rubber Hose Limbs
Spaceballs Amusement Park Max and Dave Fleischer
The Freakshow Walt Disney Sniper Elite 4
Eli Roth Disney Theme Parks Co-Op Multiplayer
Lon Chaney It's A Small World (Ride) Cold Sniper
Dave Freedman Freaks Doom
Hershel Gordon Lewis King Kong (2005) Framing Device
Steven Spielberg Get To The Fucking Monkey Abusive Parents
Amblimation Does This Remind Youof Anything? Baby Factory
Cereal-Induced Superpowers Alas, Poor Villain Conjoined Twins
Anthropomorphic Transformation Peter Jackson Baleful Polymorph Mortal Engines (Film) Cultof Personality
Dumbo Mortal Engines Psychic Powers
Incredibly Obvious Bomb Mad Max Tim Burton
Batman: The Movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome The Muse Brothers
Large Ham The Technodrome - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ota Benga
Chris O'Donnell Zodiac People Zoo
Batman & Robin Daylight Horror African Dodger
Rocky V American Horror Story: Murder House Battle Royal
Jim Carrey American Horror Story: Asylum The Turin Horse
Tommy Lee Jones Rape as Drama Béla Tarr
Chewing the Scenery American Crime Story The Oner
Creepy Circus Music Ryan Murphy Rabble Rouser
Ominous Music Box Tune The People v. O.J. Simpson The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized
MGM The Assassinationof Gianni Versace Inception
Lon Chaney Fish-Eye Lens John Singleton
Halloween Cosplay Production Posse FX
HBO What The Hell, Casting Agency?? Freeway Ricky Ross
The Great Depression Joan Crawford Government Drug Enforcement
Aborted Arc Knife-Throwing Act Walter Mosley
Saved by the Fans Handy Feet Lulu Wang
David Lynch Hates Being Touched Awkwafina
Anthony Hopkins Friend Zone Locked Outofthe Loop
Reasonable Authority Figure Obfuscating Disability Culture Clash
Mulholland Dr. An Arm and a Leg Tear Jerker
Blue Velvet Alejandro Jodorowsky Crazy Rich Asians
Anne Coates Surreal Horror Ultimate Fighting Championship

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