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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 181 Doppelgangers

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Ep 181 - Doppelgangers

Released: Friday Apr 12, 2019 at 07:00 AM - Length: 1:17:41
Top Five Kyle Eva Cir Nick
5 Gil / Landfill - Beerfest Adolf Hitler / Heinrich Himmler - Real Life Captain Philippa Georgiou / Her Most Imperial Majesty Emperor Philippa Georgiou (Mirror) - Star Trek: Discovery Abed / Evil Abed and The Dean / Doppeldeaner - Community
4 Doppelgänger card - Munchkin Eva's dad and this biker they ran into - Real Life S01E39 - Heart Of Steel - Batman / Android Batman - Batman: The Animated Series Simon James / James Simon - The Double
3 Tom Lincoln / Lincoln Six-Echo - The Island Who Goes There?? Classic X-Men / Modern X-Men - All-New X-Men Solaris
2 Queen Padmé Amidala / Sabé - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace S01E29 - Nightmare As A Child - The Twilight Zone (1959) S01E21 - Mirror Image - The Twilight Zone (1959) Fred Madison and Renee Madison / Pete Dayton and Alice Wakefield - Lost Highway
   Captain Planet / Captain Pollution - Captain Planet  
1 Alfred Borden / Fallon - The Prestige The Tethered - Us The Tethered - Us The Barber / Adenoid Hynkel - The Great Dictator

Hugo from S08E01 - Treehouse Of Horror VII - The Simpsons Dying Dream Karmic Twist Ending
Us Child's Play Time Enough At Last - The Twilight Zone
Jordan Peele Child's Play (2019) Fridge Horror
Academy Award Weird City Rod Serling
Roma The Twilight Zone Vera Miles
Evil Twin Get Out (2017) The Searchers
SubTrope Strangers with Candy Alfred Hitchcock
Creepy Child Black Mirror Vertigo
The VVitch Afterschool Special David Lynch
S05E123 - Nightmare At 20,000 Feet - The Twilight Zone (1959) Richard Ayoade Robert Blake
Michelle Yeoh The IT Crowd Bill Pullman
S02E04 - Mirror, Mirror - Star Trek: The Original Series Jesse Eisenberg Twin Peaks
Beard of Evil The Devil's Double Mulholland Dr.
Alternate Timeline Ewan McGregor Patricia Arquette
Ken Jeong The Thing (1982) Number of the Beast
Jim Rash John Carpenter Spiders Are Scary
The Descendants The Thing from Another World Michael Caine
Moby Howard Hawks Hugh Jackman
Our Clones Are Identical Future Me Scares Me Spoiler
Joker (2019) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse C.H.U.D.
Joaquin Phoenix Andrei Tarkovsky mother!
Jared Leto Steven Soderbergh Hereditary
Old School George Clooney Black Skin, White Masks - Frantz Fanon
Todd Phillips Ex Machina Charlie Chaplin
Mark Hamill Green Book Those Wacky Nazis
Heath Ledger Keira Knightley The Twilight Zone (2019)
Multiple-Choice Past The Waltons  

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