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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 180 Signature Style

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Ep 180 - Signature Style

Released: Friday Mar 29, 2019 at 07:00 AM - Length: 0:55:47
Top Five Kyle Themos Nick
5 Character overcomes disease then dies at the end anyway - Jodi Picoult Blue collar protagonist encounters the supernatural, probably in Maine - Stephen King Fairytale elements, child protagonist, war setting, humanized monsters, Humans Are The Real Monsters - Guillermo del Toro
4 Beers names after dogs - Doing impressions of her dysfunctional family, talking openly about her mental health - Maria Bamford Crime films, rock music, intricate tracking shots, creator cameos, religious themes - Martin Scorsese
3 Games where the player creates and shares - Media Molecule Adventure games with humor, dark comedy and lateral thinking, following his manifesto for how adventure games should be designed - Ron Gilbert Odd dance scenes, weird filming techniques, parallel worlds, shocking/awkward/upsetting sex scenes, deadpan acting - Yorgos Lanthimos
2 Focus on science, making fake science sound realistic - Michael Crichton Straight lines, exaggerated features, contored line width - Bruce Timm Family drama, dramatic ellipses, head-on one-two shots, totami shot, nature scene transitions, disciplined camera work - Yasujiro Ozu
  Monochromatic, bio mechanical, weird curves - H. R. Giger  
1 Pushing the boundaries of games, high level of polish, cinematic - Naughty Dog Merging surreal, philosophical writing with hard science fiction, science meets soul, epiphany endings - Philip K. Dick Mood and atmosphere over traditional plot structure, fragmented narrative, Tony Leung, Christopher Doyle, slow motion, off center framing, vibrant colors, step printing, repetative song use - Wong Kar-wai

Klaatu Shine A Light Crash Bandicoot
The Beatles The Last Waltz Mario
Coldplay The Band Jak and Daxter
Signature Shot No Direction Home Uncharted
Quentin Tarantino Bob Dylan The Last of Us
Creative Thumbprint George Harrison Living In The Material World Neil Druckman
Iconic Logo George Harrison Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep??
Star Wars LittleBigPlanet The Man in the High Castle
James Bond Tearaway Ubik
Iconic Catchphrase Playstation Vita Ice-9 - Cat’s Cradle
Period Piece Dreams Kurt Vonnegut
Dennis Lehane Double Fine Breakfast of Champions
Creator/F.W.Murnau LucasArts Blade Runner
EA Sports Adventure Games A Scanner Darkly
Downer Ending Monkey Island Minority Report
The Stand Maniac Mansion Total Recall
Under the Dome Day of the Tentacle Blade Runner 2049
IT Thimbleweed Park Dystopia
Monster Clown Guide Dang It! Hayao Miyazaki
The Simpsons Movie Academy Award Pixar
WhatCulture The Favourite Chungking Express
Pan's Labyrinth The Lobster Fallen Angels
The Devils Backbone Dogtooth In Themood For Love
Hellboy (2004) Olivia Coleman Tony Leung
Blade Emma Stone Christopher Doyle
Humans Are the Real Monsters Period Piece 2046
Ron Perlman The Alps California Dreaming - The Mamas & the Papas
Doug Jones Fish-Eye Lens Wes Anderson
Cronos Alternate Universe Rack Focus
Lady Dynamite Fan Disservice The Pixies
The Maria Bamford Show Dramatic Deadpan Inner Monologue
Mean Streets Colin Farrell Offscreen Moment of Awesome
The Rolling Stones The Killing of a Sacred Deer Bittersweet Ending
Goodfellas Twin Peaks Ambiguous Ending
The Oner Jurassic Park (Literature) Phoenix
Taxi Driver Micro James McAvoy
Creator Cameo Batman: The Animated Series XMen
Hugo Alex Ross Pun-Based Title
New York, New York Greg Capullo My Dinner with Andre
The Aviator Jim Lee Withnail & I
The Last Temptation of Christ Vincent van Gogh Hobo with a Shotgun
Harvey Keitel Alien Babe Ruth
Madonna–Whore Complex Aliens Conspiracy Theorist
Sigmund Freud Organic Technology Cool Hand Luke
Age Of Innocence Tokyo Story Schindler's List
Whos That Knocking At My Door Late Spring  
Raging Bull Stanley Kubrick  

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