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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 172 Character Title

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Ep 172 - Character Title

Released: Saturday Dec 29, 2018 at 07:00 AM - Length: 0:58:42
Top Five Kyle Themos Cir Nick Megs from Ep 174.1 Jon from Ep 174.1 Jon's actual list from Ep 174.1
5 Arthur Shazam John Carter Okja Hook Johnny B Goode Columbo
4 One-Punch Man Carrie Jeremiah Johnson Creed MacGyver Johnny Guitar Archer
3 Babe Beetlejuice Rocky Weiner Hercules Johnny English House
2 Logan Coco Bearskin - From The Brothers Grimm Rebecca Willow Johnny Mnemonic Goldfinger
1 Austin Powers Mandy (2018) Buck And The Preacher De Palma Sailor Moon Johnny Dangerously Coraline

Recommended Kyle Themos Cir Nick
1 Florence Mandy (2018) Pluto TV Fantastic Planet
2   Star Trek: The Next Generation   

Joe Rogan Memories of Murder X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Video Game)
Shaft Jake Gyllenhaal Frozen
Shane Snowpiercer Skrillex
Sugar Hill Stephen King PBS
My Name Is Earl Brian De Palma Bearskin Or The Man Who Didnt Wash For Seven Years
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sissy Spacek Tom Davenport
Clarissa Explains It All Robert Redford The Brothers Grimm (Creator)
Exactly What It Says on the Tin John Milius Bearskin
Melissa Joan Hart Rocky From The Brothers Grimm version - Hansel and Gretel
Melissa & Joey Rocky Balboa From The Brothers Grimm version - Soldier Jack or the Man Who Caught Death in a Sack
Marley and Me Dolph Lundgren Alfred Hitchcock
Mac and Me Sylvester Stallone Cabaret
I, Daniel Blake Mr. T Filmstruck
I, Tonya Babe: Pig in the City Michael York
I, Noun Mad Max S10E13 - 'Homer To The Max' - The Simpsons
I, Claudius George Miller Panos Cosmatos
Conan the Barbarian Academy Award Nicolas Cage
Jack the Giant Slayer Toy Story Barry Manilow
Conan Deep Impact Green Room
TBS Armageddon GenreBusting
Oprah Winfrey Dueling Works Star Trek: The Next Generation
Late Night With Seth Meyers Gordy Sidney Poitier
Ellen Degeneres The Asylum Harry Belafonte
Ellen The Mockbuster The Black Dahlia
The Ellen De Generes Show Miramax Walking Out on the Show
Seinfeld Tim Burton Deuces Wild
Frasier Michael Keaton Blow Out
The Powerpuff Girls Winona Ryder A24
The Avengers (2012) Community Steven Spielberg
The Paranormal Home Inspectors Chevy Chase HBO
Larry Crowne Joel McHale Room 237
Jack Reacher Donald Glover Spike Lee
John Wick Dan Harmon Truffaut
Mission: Impossible Beetlejuice (Western Animation) François Truffaut
Tom Cruise Beetlejuice (Video Game) Star Trek: Discovery
Mission: Impossible – Fallout Nintendo Entertainment System Picard
Green Lantern Raging Bull Michael Dorn
Batman Ali Star Trek: Deep Space 9
SHAZAM 2019 Hailee Steinfeld Star Trek: First Contact
Marvel Cinematic Universe The Dark Knight The Game Awards
Justice League (2017) Fast & Furious Annapurna
Doom Patrol Darren Aronofsky Monument Valley
The Creeper The Wolverine Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd
A Princess Of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs District 9 Never dig up. Up is hell.' - Starchaser: The Legend of Orin
Bong Joonho Neill Blomkamp The Criterion Collection
Tilda Swinton Chappie The Machine That Kills Bad People
The Host Darker and Edgier Super Smash Bros..

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