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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 169 Silence Is Golden

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Ep 169 - Silence Is Golden

Released: Wednesday Dec 05, 2018 at 09:00 AM - Length: 0:54:32
Top Five Kyle Cir Nick Eva from Email Jon from Ep 189
5 Silence in space - Dead Space Godzilla in Hell Lip reading scene - 2001: A Space Odyssey WallE Simon's Cat
Silence in space - Gravity     
4 Piper Æon Flux Casey describing why she likes a certain piece of architecture - Columbus S02E15 - The Invaders - The Twilight Zone Interstellar 5555 - Daft Punk
3 Monopoly game - A Quiet Place The Great Silence Half hour of silent bank robbery - Rififi Hour of the Wolf Intro - Up
2 Characters reacting to shocking event in silence - Hereditary Visions - Stevie Wonder Slam your door in golden silence' - Playtime Ballet scene - The Red Shoes (1948) First Act - WallE
1 Gromit - Wallace & Gromit Adding emphasis to killing blow in first episode - Lone Wolf and Cub Asking for ten seconds of silence at the Daytime Emmys to think about everyone who has helped you become who you are - Mister Rogers Daughter Of Horror (aka Dementia) Journey
Feathers McGraw - The Wrong Trousers     Inside
Preston - A Close Shave     

Self-Demonstrating Article John Cho Tear Jerker
Horror Films Haley Lu Richardson Arrival
Eating an entire pie - A Ghost Story Hulu Bonus Material
Rooney Mara Kogonada The Plumber
You Were Never Really Here Room Tone Peter Weir
Joaquin Phoenix Spaghetti Western Netflix
Taken Klaus Kinski Out of the Past
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Jean-Louis Trintignant Tokyo Nights
American Pie Amour Seijun Suzuki
Revenge of the Nerds The Conformist Jacques Tourneur
Values Dissonance Downer Ending Cat People
The Way of the Gun Malcolm X Leopard Man
Sarah Silverman Filmstruck Robert Mitchum
Finding Dory French New Wave Femme Fatale
Academy Award Jules Dassin Jane Greer
Pixar Jacques Tati I Walked with a Zombie
MTV Charlie Chaplin Ingmar Bergman
Aeon Flux (Film) A Grand Day Out Black Swan
Charlize Theron Garfield Ed Mcmahon
Rifftrax Saturday Morning Cartoon Palm D Or
Liquid Television Heathcliff A Matter of Life and Death
The Head Garfield and Friends On The Tropes Merch -
The Maxx Garfield Minus Garfield Call Me by Your Name
Beavis And Butthead Wont You Be My Neighbor  

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