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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 1661 Afraid Not Part 1

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Ep 166.1 - Afraid Not: Part 1

Released: Wednesday Oct 03, 2018 at 09:13 AM - Length: 0:59:39
Top Five Kyle Cir Nick Jon from Ep 174.1 Megan from Ep 174.1
5 Plants and bugs - Jumanji Giant bugs scene - King Kong (2005) Sloth - 7 Velociraptors - Jurassic Park The skipper seeing his wife about to drown - White Squall
4 Bed scene - Gone Girl Mortianna - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Baby scene - Trainspotting White Phosphorus - Spec Ops: The Line The descent at the end - The Abyss
3 Everything - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Plastic surgery - Brazil Face mash - Inland Empire Ravenholm - Half-Life 2 The drowning scene - The Abyss
2 Bear attack - The Revenant Bishop - Juice Puppet scene - Fanny and Alexander Judge Doom's death - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The bug in the belly button scene - The Matrix
1 The air conditioner - The Brave Little Toaster Troll / dragon - Willow Zeke the plumber - Salute Your Shorts Shooting Dahlia Tal and failing my own Milgram experiment - Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow The ear worm - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Recommended Kyle Cir Nick
1 Castle Rock Crunchyroll The Mighty Boosh
2   Dragon Ball Super  

Beast Duels Radio Hour Laura Linney One-timers - Filmspotting
Writer's Block Montage Jurassic Park Grave of the Fireflies
Wastebasket Ball Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gravity
Horror Films Blue Velvet Dragon Ball
Thriller Jurassic Park 3 Dragon Ball Z
Genre-Busting Late Night Dragon Ball GT
Get Out Burt Reynolds LongRunners
A Quiet Place Leonardo DiCaprio Archive Binge
Open Water Legends of the Fall Coco
Academy Award The Oner Disappeared Dad
Golden Globe Tupac Shakur Ramen as Dehydrated Noodles
Award Snub Hellraiser III Hellon Earth Noel Fielding
Horror Comedy The Vanishing The IT Crowd
An American Werewolf in London Forrest Gump Toast of London
Robin Williams The Criterion Collection Flight of the Conchords
What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?? Phil Hartman Paddington 2
Andy Serkis Jack Torrance - The Shining Simon Farnaby
David Cronenberg Don Bluth Paul King
Reality Has No Soundtrack The Secretof NIMH Surreal Humor
Basement scene - Zodiac The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue A Cappella
Daylight Horror Sequelitis Andre Holland
David Fincher Jerry Rees Moonlight
Jump Scare TRON Melanie Lynskey
Trent Reznor Siskel & Ebert Stephen King
Dramedy Goodburger The Shawshank Redemption
T2 Trainspotting George Lucas Bill Skarsgård
Dwayne Johnson Warwick Davis Stellan Skarsgård
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Nickelodeon Deep Blue Sea
Jurassic Park Halloween Episode IT (2017)
Terry Gilliam Treehouse of Horror - The Simpsons The Shining
Time Bandits The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cujo
Anjelica Huston Hey Dude!! So Short, It Rocks
The Witches Power Rangers The Scrappy
Judge Doom - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Tunnel scene - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Jon Hamm's John Ham - Saturday Night Live
David Lynch Opening the Ark - Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark Peter Skarsgard SARS-Guard - Saturday Night Live
Twin Peaks Large Marge - Peewees Big Adventure Peter Skarsgard
The Wire The fridge - Requiem for a Dream Fargo
Laura Dern The arm - Requiem for a Dream Garden State
Stacy Keach Angst Aversion Experimenter
Austin Powers Ellen Burstyn An Education
The Truman Show Hereditary  

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