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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 152 Listener Feedback And Oscars

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Ep 152 - Listener Feedback And Oscars

Released: Wednesday Mar 14, 2018 at 09:35 PM - Length: 1:14:16
Dystopia Excuse Plot Freaks
Stephen King DmC: Devil May Cry Red Right Hand
Richard Bachman Collegiate American Football Phrenology - The Roots
Nick Cutter MLB Grady "The Lobster Boy" Stiles - Real Life
The Deep True Legend The Werewolf from "The Bloody Chamber" - Angela Carter
Craig Davidson Kung Fu Hustle Little Red Riding Hood
Life Steven Choi Familiar
The Abyss Shaolin Soccer Triple Nipple
Rust And Bone Jeopardy! Alonzo the Armless - The Unknown
Marion Cotillard Austin Rogers Lon Chaney
Jacques Audiard Pacific Rim Richard Strickland - The Shape of Water
A Prophet Pacific Rim: Uprising Michael Shannon
Dheepan John Boyega The Witches
The Long Walk Guillermo del Toro Roald Dahl
Rick and Morty Pan's Labyrinth Nicolas Roeg
Clarke's Third Law The Shape of Water The Man Who Fell to Earth
Jennifer Government TheTrollHunter Walkabout
Max Brooks Trollhunters Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Judge Dredd Anton Yelchin Anjelica Huston
Warhammer40k Thoroughbreds Call Me by Your Name
Demolition Man The VVitch Lady Bird
Brazil Anya Taylor-Joy Spotlight
Terry Gilliam Green Room Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
The Brothers Grimm Under the Skin Mimic
Discworld A24 Mira Sorvino
Ultraviolet Rian Johnson Harvey Weinstein
A Clockwork Orange Star Wars: The Last Jedi Crimson Peak
Hyperspace Arsenal Stranger Things Jessica Chastain
The Gauntlet The Godfather Birdman
Clint Eastwood Schindler's List Crash
Tremors Scarface Gary Oldman
Hot Shots! Part Deux Cool Hand Luke Darkest Hour
Commando Psycho Jimmy Kimmel
Rambo Grave of the Fireflies Ellen DeGeneres
Magnificent Bastard Ponyo Tiffany Haddish
Badass Boast Princess Mononoke Maya Rudolph
OneLiner Halloween (1978) Meryl Streep
Rousing Speech Pulp Fiction Jordan Peele
Revealing Cover-Up Casablanca Roger Deakins
Hardboiled Detective Citizen Kane Dear Basketball
Chinatown Reacharound Spaceballs Kobe Bryant
Electric Six Ellen Ripley - Alien LeBron James
Anonymous Rex Sarah Connor - The Terminator Revolting Rhymes
Calvin and Hobbes John Wick Negative Space
Spencer And Locke James Bond The Post
Magnum, P.I. Daniel Craig Timothée Chalamet
The Maltese Falcon Keanu Reeves The Iron Lady
Beast Duels Radio Hour Neo - The Matrix Daniel Kaluuya
Ladybird Officer Jack Traven - Speed Icarus
Moonlight Detective John McClane - Die Hard Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
Under the Skin Live Free or Die Hard Agnès Varda
Boyhood Timothy Olyphant Faces Places
Spirited Away A Good Day to Die Hard Exit Through the Gift Shop
The Lives of Others Eli Roth Inside Job
Pan's Labyrinth Taken The Silent Child
World of Tomorrow Death Wish Rachel Shenton
Paddington 2 Charles Bronson Curfew
On The Rocks Happy Death Day French New Wave
Edutainment Game Get Out Saturday Night Live
Bananas And Jack Game Night Kenan Thompson
Zoombinis Clue Steve Harvey
Super Solvers: Gizmos & Gadgets Annihilation LaVar Ball
Dr. Brain Black Panther (2018) Lonzo Ball
Monty Python's Flying Circus (Video Game) Paddington 2 Pete Davidson
Copy Protection Jason Bourne Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Instruction Manual On The Rocks Kyle Mooney
NBA 2K Lost Chris Kirkpatrick
Just Here for Godzilla Blade Runner Forest Whitaker
Devil May Cry Tod Browning  

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