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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 142 Hardboiled Detective

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Ep 142 - Hardboiled Detective

Released: Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 at 07:00 AM - Length: 1:13:12
Top Five Kyle Themos Cir Nick Paul from Ep 152 Jon from Ep 200.3
5 Brendan Frye - Brick John Constantine - Hellblazer John Shaft - Shaft Phillip Marlowe - The Big Sleep Bart Ducane - Chinatown Reacharound Discworld Noir
4 Tracer Bullet - Calvin and Hobbes Rick Deckard - Blade Runner Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowsk - The Big Lebowski Vincent Rubio - Anonymous Rex Ash, from 'A Detective Story' - The Animatrix
3 Wei Shen - Sleeping Dogs Bill Hodges from “Mr. Mercedes”, “Finders Keepers” and “End Of Watch” - Stephen King The Last Good Kiss - James Crumley Eddie Valiant - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Tracer Bullet - Calvin and Hobbes V.I. Warshawski - Sara Paretsky
   The Wrong Case - James Crumley   Detective Locke - Spencer And Locke  
2 Bigby Wolf - The Wolf Among Us Phillip Marlowe - The Big Sleep Misty Knight - Misty Knight J.J. "Jake" Gittes - Chinatown Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV - Magnum, P.I. Takeshi Kovach - Altered Carbon (Literature)
1 Harry Dresden - The Dresden Files Sam Spade - The Maltese Falcon Ezekiel "Easy" Porterhouse Rawlins - Walter Mosley Phillip Marlowe - The Long Goodbye Sam Spade - The Maltese Falcon Commander Sam Vimes - Discworld

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Humphrey Bogart Hunter S. Thompson
Psych Sam Spade Fables
Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Maltese Falcon The Defenders (2017)
Andy Samberg Ridley Scott Iron Fist (2017)
Terry Cruz Blade Runner 2049 Jack Nicholson
LeBron James Harrison Ford Jack Torrance - The Shining
Trainwreck Kumail Nanjiani The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Johnny Depp The Big Sick The Two Jakes
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Indiana Jones Harry Potter
Donnie Brasco Han Solo - Star Wars Jessica Jones (2015)
Public Enemies Air Force One Jim Butcher
21 Jump Street Samuel L. Jackson Carmen Sandiego
Black Mass Keanu Reeves Star Wars
Brick Tom Cruise Peter Lorre
The Big Lebowski Superman Sydney Greenstreet
Robert Ryan Ryan Reynolds House on Haunted Hill
The Set-Up Green Lantern (2011) The Vamp
The Hitchhiker Deadpool Femme Fatale
Neo Noir Dragonball Z The Drift - John Ridley
Chinatown Pokémon The Unknown Girl
Blade Runner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Devil in a Blue Dress
L.A. Confidential Firefly Denzel Washington
Odds Against Tomorrow Jay Baruchel Elliott Gould
Harry Belafonte Undeclared Robert Altman
Robert Wise Knocked Up Ocean's Eleven
Sin City Goon Friends
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fanboys Sterling Hayden
Rian Johnson Ready Player One Ernest Hemingway
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Ernest Cline Arnold Schwarzenegger
Looper Goon Last Of The Enforcers The Bicycle Thief
The Brothers Bloom The Goonies Just Here for Godzilla
Christopher Miller Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Developing Doomed Characters
Phil Lord Jeopardy! Transformers
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Brad Rutter Cloverfield
J. J. Abrams The Eagles Pacific Rim
The LEGO Movie Grand Theft Auto King Kong - Tripod
Constantine The Departed The Host
Ernest Tidyman Black-and-Grey Morality  
Shaft Among The Jews Raymond Chandler  

Game - One BILLION Dollars

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