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Recap / On The Tropes Ep 1232 Best Of 2016 Part 2

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Ep 123.2 - Best Of 2016 (Part 2)

Released: Wednesday Feb 01, 2017 at 04:00 AM - Length: 0:48:19
Nominator Award Winner
Themos Most Unexpected Cause For Reflection That Is Not Infuriating 2016 celebrity deaths
Cir Best Scene - 2 Candle-to-waking-up cut - The Birth Of A Nation (2016)
Cir Best Scene - 1 Teenager-to-Man transition - Moonlight
Nick Best Scene - 5 Learning to Swim - Moonlight
Nick Best Scene - 4 Gravity Change - Arrival
Nick Best Scene - 3 Little Women scene - 10 Cloverfield Lane
Nick Best Scene - 2 Dream sequence / Opening number - La La Land
Nick Best Scene - 1 The boys speech / "Wouldst thou like the taste of butter?" - The VVitch
Kyle Grossest Arm Award Pat - Green Room
Kyle Favorite Trope Of The Year Minimalist Cast
Themos Best Prophetic Work Of Literature 1984
Cir Best Picture - 2 Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Cir Best Picture - 1 13th
Nick Best Picture - 25 Sunset Song
Nick Best Picture - 24 Cemetery Of Splendor
Nick Best Picture - 23 Love And Frendship
Nick Best Picture - 22 Zootopia
Nick Best Picture - 21 Midnight Special
Nick Best Picture - 20 Everybody Wants Some!!!!
Nick Best Picture - 19 Swiss Army Man
Nick Best Picture - 18 The Neon Demon
Nick Best Picture - 17 Tower
Nick Best Picture - 16 10 Cloverfield Lane
Nick Best Picture - 15 13th
Nick Best Picture - 14 The Fits
Nick Best Picture - 13 American Honey
Nick Best Picture - 12 The VVitch
Nick Best Picture - 11 Green Room
Nick Best Picture - 10 Arrival
Nick Best Picture - 9 O.J.: Made in America
Nick Best Picture - 8 The Lobster
Nick Best Picture - 7 La La Land
Nick Best Picture - 6 Cameraperson
Nick Best Picture - 5 Krisha
Nick Best Picture - 4 Sing Street
Nick Best Picture - 3 The Handmaiden
Nick Best Picture - 2 Manchester by the Sea
Nick Best Picture - 1 Moonlight
  Golden Tropie The VVitch

David Bowie Swiss Army Man Grave of the Fireflies
Prince Suicide Squad (2016) Ladyhawke
Carrie Fisher Deadpool Roman Polanski
Gene Wilder Star Wars: Rogue One Ghost Rider
Abe Vigoda Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Crank
Keith Richards The Wolfman (2010) Rick and Morty
Muhammad Ali The Outsiders Stranger Things
Lawrence of Arabia Teen Titans Westworld (Series)
Cloverfield Deuces Wild Twin Peaks
World War Z Manchester by the Sea Ready Player One
Dungeons & Dragons Selma Red Dead Redemption II
The Lord of the Rings A Wrinkle in Time (2018) Simon Pegg
Bioshock Sam Neill Ben Mendelsohn
Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould In the Mouth of Madness Jurassic World
The ABCs of Death Blue Is the Warmest Color Vincent D'Onofrio
The Twilight Zone Alfred Hitchcock Full Metal Jacket
Under the Skin Basic Instinct Adventures in Babysitting
Ex Machina Chungking Express Daredevil
The Relic Requiem for a Dream Minecraft

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