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Recap / Odd Squad S 1 E 27 The O Games

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The O Games

Airdates: May 28, 2015 note , July 12, 2015 note 

Odd Squad agents compete in Olympic-style games to determine who gets to be Ms. O for the day. When Odd Todd is chosen to participate, he works to strategically eliminate each agent in the games so he can shut down Odd Squad forever.


  • All or Nothing: Otto, stuck in last place during the ring competition, decides to risk it all and throw all ten of his rings behind him, hoping to score 100 points exactly. He manages to make every single shot around one robot princess and secures a spot to move on to the next round.
  • As You Know: Ms. O reciting what has happened in the O Games at the beginning of Part 2.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: Before the Blob Toss competition begins, Odd Todd licks a blob and remarks that it tastes like a lemon.
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  • The Bus Came Back: After being absent for two episodes, Odd Todd makes a return.
  • Call-Back: One of the events in the O Games is the 25-Centigurp Dash. Otto's proficiency in capturing Centigurps in that episode helps him secure a spot to move on to the next event, as well as help others with catching the Centigurps.
  • Cavalier Competitor: Odd Todd briefly becomes this during the 25-Centigurp Dash.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: While cheating helps Odd Todd advance in the game, it ends up backfiring on him during the final challenge, and he ends up losing to Otto.
  • Company Cross References: The song that Odd Todd whistles as the 25-Centigurp Dash begins is the opening theme to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Both shows share the same production company, Fred Rogers Productions (known as The Fred Rogers Company at the time of this episode's airing, and Family Communications when MRN was airing).
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  • Combat Commentator: Oscar serves as this during the O Games.
  • Continuity Nod: Yet another code is introduced: Code Purple, which is used to indicate the start of the O Games.
    • Robot princesses return as part of a competition where contestants throw rings around them to score points. Naturally, they are as aggressive as ever.
  • Crystal Spires and Togas: Of a sort; while Odd Squad is futuristic and high-tech, Ms. O and Oscar are seen wearing golden togas, with Ms. O sporting a golden leaf crown as well. This is justified, as the wear is for the O Games, an event based on the Olympics.
  • Delayed Reaction: Octavia (#71) is the third contestant to be named. When the fourth contestant is named, Otto has this reaction:
    Olive: Number 70!
    Otto: Aww, so close!
    Olive: Otto?
    [Ms. O does a Face Palm]
    Otto: I'm number 70!
    [Otto's character card appears]
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The commercial for the Shmumbers Hotel features a bed that is split in half that one can push together if they want to make a whole bed, which is in reference to couples that sleep in separate beds that want the bed together for a little...well, you know.
  • Don't Celebrate Just Yet: The crowd cheers in response to Oscar commenting that Odd Todd is out with his last ring being destroyed by a robot princess. However, Odd Todd pulls a Wounded Gazelle Gambit and manages to get Dr. O's ring, throwing it around a robot princess and being declared the second winner.
  • Eliminated from the Race: The O Games works on this structure, with the contestant coming in last in each competition becoming eliminated.
  • Evil Gloating: Odd Todd, natch, as he relays his plan to the contestants (and by extension, Ms. O, Oscar and the other agents).
    Odd Todd: [small chuckle] So I'm gonna play. And I'm gonna win. And when I become Ms. O for a day, I'm going to shut down Odd Squad. FOREVER!! [Evil Laugh]
  • Eye Catch: While not used to segway into commercials, eyecatches appear for all of the contestants that are called out by Olive, Odd Todd being the sole exception. Each eyecatch has the agent's name and badge number, followed by "stats" that read "100% (adjective), 0% (adjective)" (with the adjective being replaced by some other statement at times). Otto in particular gets two eyecatches, with one that ends the episode.
  • Face Palm: Ms. O does one during Otto's Delayed Reaction.
    • Odd Todd also does one when Oscar is attempting to read the stone tablet explaining the rules. Funnily enough, it's the same one Olive has as a Character Tic.
  • Flashback Cut: One is shown when Olive reminisces about her time as Director for a day. She's shown sitting in a chair as sports balls fly all around her and she screams, "I! LOVE! SPORTS!!"
  • Foregone Conclusion: Olive won the O Games last year? Noooo, who'd have thunk?
    • Otto becoming Director for a day is also painfully obvious, as is Odd Todd becoming the runner-up and facing off against him, especially as contestants are eliminated.
  • Foreshadowing: The biggest example of the season. Olive managed to win the O Games last time and became Director for a day, where she apparently had various sports balls flying back and forth — which serves as foreshadowing for the Season 1 finale. Furthermore, Otto manages to win the honor of being Director for a day at the end of the episode, which is also foreshadowing for the finale and spoils the ending of the season.
  • Gasp!: A large collective one occurs when Olive reads out the badge number of the final contestant: Odd Todd.
  • God for a Day: The prize of the O Games is to be a Director for a day. Olive won last year and used her power to have sports balls flying all over the place. Otto wins this time around and uses his power to request that he get pizza and Soundcheck.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: If the crowd's reaction (as well as Olive's) when his badge number is read is any indication, nobody has a fondness for Oren.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Odd Todd's Pride and Smug Snake confidence is his downfall, as he fails to read the directions before heading into the maze. As a result, he gets lost and is unable to find his way back in time before Otto gets ahold of the key, which allows him to win the competition and the O Games as a whole.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: True to his role as an Invincible Villain, Odd Todd manages to score 10 points consecutively in the blob toss without missing. He also has impeccable aim in other competitions such as the ring competition, and manages to dodge the robot princesses' laser blasts effortlessly (this particular example is downplayed, however, as the princesses manage to destroy one of his rings when he throws it).
    • Dr. O manages to throw a ring at a robot princess without seeing. Similarly, aside from Odd Todd's blocked throw, neither he, Dr. O nor Otto manage to miss a single shot throughout the duration of the competition.
  • Instant Costume Change: Ms. O's remote changes all five O Games contestants' clothes, from their suits to outfits laced with armor.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?: One of Oscar's commentator quips is, "Looks like we've got a doctor in the house!"
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Oscar adds "-eth" to various words before Olive reads the badge numbers of the year's contestants.
  • Just Following Orders: Ms. O is unable to stop Odd Todd due to having her hands tied (literally and figuratively), which is an O Games tradition. This allows him to still be able to compete.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Played for Laughs with Otto's lack of knowledge about the O Games. Olive, O'Leary, and everyone else knows about them, but he doesn't get any answers until there comes the traditional moment of near-silence, where he gets up to speed thanks to Olive.
  • Look Behind You: Odd Todd tells Oren that his shoelace is untied. Oren looks down and sees that it isn't (he, like the other contestants, are wearing boots with no laces). Odd Todd remarks that he meant the one in his brain.
  • Loophole Abuse: Odd Todd finds a gap in the rules of the Blob Toss where a contestant can score for other contestants. This allows him to score for everyone except Octavia, who is swiftly eliminated. After that, Oscar closes the loophole and revises the rules so no one can score for others.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Like Olive, Otto is revealed to also keep a shield hidden behind his back, which he uses to block the robot princesses' laser blasts along with Dr. O, who has her own shield.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": Done by the crowd in the bullpen as well as Ms. O when Otto throws all his rings at one robot princess.
  • The Maze: The final challenge takes place in one.
  • Meaningful Echo: Olive gives Otto some encouraging words on how to beat Odd Todd which she then repeats when he and Odd Todd face off in the final battle.
    Olive: You can do this. Take your time. Think things through. Pay close attention to all the directions, and you can't lose.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: Zig-zagged; Dr. O reveals that she's terrible at being a doctor, which conflicts with a statement she made in a previous episode that she went through 8 years of medical school and worked hard to be a doctor (as well as her roles in past episodes). Whether this is something she just said to encourage Otto to move or if this is actually true is up for debate.
  • Multi-Part Episode: The fifth one of the season.
  • Nothing Is Funnier: The episode opens with O'Leary, one of the tube operators, finishing reading a book titled Tube Safety and You to Olive and Otto. We don't hear the book in its entirety, but apparently the book just consists of how to position yourself when riding in the tubes, with Olive asking why it took three hours just to tell them that.
  • The Olympics: The episode focuses on the O Games, which is a series of Olympic-style events that five agents chosen at random compete in to win the honor of being Director for the day. Unfortunately, Odd Todd is one of those five competitors thanks to a rule that states that any agent who has worked for Odd Squad before can participate, with his goal being to win the Games and shut Odd Squad as an organization down.
  • Orcus on His Throne: While Otto, Dr. O and Oren rush to collect Centigurps, Odd Todd decides to kick back, relax and read a book. As it turns out, he was learning how to speak Centigurp, and once he does, he manages to lure exactly 25 Centigurps to him — including a few that Oren was holding — which causes him to advance to the next round and Oren to be eliminated.
  • Pseudolympics: Numerous odd events are O Games sports — blob-tossing, invisible tug-of-war, etc. — but the event also has other real-life sports, like curling.
  • Reverse Telescopic Vision: During the 25-Centigurp Dash, Ms. O, holding up opera binoculars to her eyes, asks why everyone seems so far away. Oscar suggests that she turn it around, and once she does, there's a Binocular Shot of Otto, Oren and Dr. O collecting Centigurps.
  • Rules Lawyer: Dr. O has shades of this when Otto calls Odd Todd out on cheating during the ring competition. She explains that Odd Todd didn't cheat; she let go of her ring while examining him, allowing him to steal it — the rules state that if a contestant lets go of a ring, another contestant can grab it at their own free will. Despite Otto's objections, Dr. O takes the loss in stride.
  • Running Gag: This episode continues the gag of Odd Todd correcting other agents about his name: "It's Odd Todd now."
  • Shamed by a Mob: Odd Todd is repeatedly criticized by the crowd of agents back at Headquarters for his cheating, Olive included.
  • Skyward Scream: Odd Todd gives one when he fails to read the paper with the instructions on it beforehand, and ends up running into a floor shaped like a wall. This gives Otto a huge advantage and allows him to win the O Games.
  • Sore Loser: Oren is this, beginning to lash out and stomp his feet when he's eliminated.
    • Par for the course with Odd Todd, who becomes this at the end of the episode. Before that, he engages in Unsportsmanlike Gloating.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Odd Todd is revealed to have learned how to speak Centigurp.
  • Spirited Competitor: Zig-zagged; it's hard to tell where Odd Todd stands between this trope and Blood Knight, considering he is a villain and often starts up conflict.
  • Spontaneous Crowd Formation: When we next see Olive and the other agents after Ms. O teleports herself, Oscar, and the five contestants to the playing field, the agent is at the forefront of a crowd along with the others.
  • Stealth Insult: Odd Todd delivers one to Oren at one point. Naturally, it flies right over the agent's head.
    Oren: [looks down] No it's not!
    Odd Todd: [points to his head] I meant the one up here.
    Oren: [looks up] What?!
  • Stone Wall: Otto becomes one during the ring competiton, playing defense for the majority of it and hiding behind various objects to avoid being hit. It's only when Dr. O tells him that, obviously, he can't win by hiding behind rocks that he pulls an All or Nothing move and throws his rings without any aiming whatsoever. He manages to score 100 points and be the first person to win.
  • The Power of Cheese: There is an ad for the Shmumbers Hotel that plays before the final competition, which is promoted as the hotel where the O Games competitiors stay (they don't; the entire competition takes place in a day, at most). It's hyped up as the hotel where flight attendants and airline captains stay, with 98 different kinds of eggs, a pool with invisible water, a glass of complementary orange juice, and a room with a queen-size bed split in half that one can push together if they want to make a whole bed.
  • Universal Remote Control: Ms. O's remote — which is mainly used to operate the computer in her office — is revealed to be capable of various things like teleportation, and can also create things like standing rings, blobs, and Centigurp boxes among other items. The only thing it can't do is make juice.
  • The War Has Just Begun: Upon being eliminated from the O Games (where he's teleported to an unknown location), Odd Todd tells Otto that he may have won the battle, "BUT YOU'LL NEVER WIN THE WAR!!" Ms. O easily dismisses his words with "yap yap yap", something the crowd gets a good laugh out of.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Odd Todd pulls one during the ring competition in order to grab Dr. O's ring. Despite the crowd's objections (as well as Otto's), Dr. O falls for the trick and helps Odd Todd, believing that while it may be a trick, it may also be a legitimate injury he has. This causes her to eventually get eliminated.
  • You Say Tomato: Odd Todd has a variant of this: "You say potato, I say French toast with jam."


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