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Recap / OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes S 1 E 43 Mystery Science Fair 201X

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K.O. helps Dendy with her science fair project.


  • Callback: When Dendy tries to trap T.K.O. in a energy cube, he punches through it like how he did with Rad's telekinesis ray in "T.K.O.".
  • Continuity Nod: Dendy wants K.O. to trade his Limited Edition Cowboy Darrell Pow card to her.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Dendy tries to harness and test T.K.O.'s power, but he trashes her lab.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: When T.K.O. says that K.O. would like to see Dendy get upset if he took out her first invention, Dendy tells him that K.O. would never want to watch his friends get hurt... and then realizes that she's been doing just that to K.O. during her experiments.
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  • Failsafe Failure: Dendy foresaw that T.K.O. would want to destroy her lab if she induced his transformation, and so set up a Force Field Cage to contain him. He instantly shatters it.
  • Homage: Several sequences in Dendy's lab are references to Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Dendy and K.O.'s footsteps make the same sounds as Dexter and Dee Dee, Dendy walks like Dexter, and K.O. breaks out some Dee Dee-esque ballet moves.
    • Dendy speaks in Dexter's accent when T.K.O. is destroying her lab, even telling him to "Get out of my observatory!"
    • T.K.O. laughs exactly like Mandark.
    • K.O. makes a Dee Dee-like "oooh" when he's about to press the button on the capsule containing Dendy's first creation. He's also in the same pose as Dee Dee in her first What Does This Button Do? scene from the pilot.
    • The monkey in one of Dendy's experiments resembles Dexter's lab monkey, who appeared on the "Dial M for Monkey" segments.
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    • Dendy's first invention - a device that turns on a light bulb - is similar in concept to Dexter's own first invention, as seen in the episodes "Lab of the Lost" and "Lab-retto".
    • "With apologies to the crew of Dexter's Laboratory :)" appears under "THE END"
  • Inkblot Test: Dendy makes K.O. go through one. K.O.'s first two response seems normal until he starts seeing "daddies" on the rest of the other images.
  • Moving the Goalposts: Dissatisfied with her class' quiz scores, Ms. Quantum changes entry in the school science fair from optional to mandatory one day before they were due.
  • The Not-So-Harmless Punishment: Ms. Quantum threatens that students who don't bring an experiment to the science fair on time will be "suspended from school", which is bad enough considering that isn't actually breaking a rule. Then she points out the window to a student tied up and physically suspended from the school building (which is several stories high).
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  • The Power of Love: Dendy's alternate science project demonstrates the (literal, electrical) power of positive emotions, but group four (Genesis and Nanini) did it better.
  • Sadistic Choice:
    • Dendy runs a simulation in which Rad, Enid and Mr. Gar are trapped in the Bodega during a plasma fire and K.O. has thirty seconds to save only one of them. Due to K.O.'s unwillingness to choose only one, the simulation ends with all three dying... and results in T.K.O. being unleashed once more.
    • Dendy has to choose between saving K.O. (de-powered from his T.K.O. state) or her first invention from falling. She chooses K.O., realizing that losing a cherished memento isn't as bad as losing a friend.
  • Shout-Out: The titular fair refers to Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Stab the Salad: After her initial attempts to unleash T.K.O. fail, Dendy brandishes a knife... to slice a pizza.

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