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Recap / Noonbory Kedabory Jelly Jamm Harmony S 1 E 18 Visitors From Jazztopia

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(Note: In case you can't tell, this is all fanon. Please don't think any of this is canon content.)

Jelly Jamm Harmony: Visitors From Jazztopia

Season: 1

Episode: 18

Focus character: Omnipresent

Oona cameo: Greeting King Jazzonio and Queen Jazzmine

Jammbo is visited by the King and Queen of the planet Jazztopia.


  • Pink Means Feminine: Queen Jazzmine is pink.
  • Theme Naming: All the Jazztopians have "Jazz" in their names. Apart from King Jazzonio and Queen Jazzmine, there is a mention of a butler named Jazzabel.

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