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Recap / Noonbory Kedabory Grossology Squeam Team S 1 E 3 Cold Snap

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(Note: In case you can't tell, this is all fanon. Please don't think any of this is canon content.)

Grossology Squeam Team: Cold Snap

Season: 1

Episode: 3

Focus character: Lauren

A supercharged cold virus is let loose in Ringworm.


  • Bilingual Bonus: When it's mentioned that Pinkeye is taking French classes.
    Pinkeye: Yes, I'm in French Immersion. But that won't distract me from the rumour that un rhumeTranslation  is spreading through the school.
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  • Over-the-Shoulder Carry: Lauren does this to Pinkeye when fleeing the school while it gets consumed by the massive viruses.
  • Sickness Equals Redness: Used on anyone infected with the virus.

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