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Recap / Ninja the Mission Force

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Season One

  1. "Ninja Begininator"
  2. "Ninja Godfather"
  3. "Citizen Ninja"
  4. "'N' is for Ninja"
  5. "Ninja Virus"
  6. "Space Ninja in Space"
  7. "Ninja Exorcist"
  8. "Ninja Delivery"
  9. "Night of the Ninja"
  10. "Fists of Ninja"

Season Two

  1. "Bruce Fights Back from the Grave"
  2. "Bruce We Miss You"
  3. "The Clones of Bruce"
  4. "Image of Bruce"
  5. "Bruce: A Dragon Story"
  6. "They Call Him Bruce"
  7. "The Real Bruce"
  8. "Bruce's Greatest Revenge"
  9. "Treasure of Bruce"
  10. "Bruce the Invincible"

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