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Recap / Neo Yokio Episode 3

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"I'm withdrawing from the world because the world is total bullshit."
Helena St. Tesoro, on her newfound Hikikomori lifestyle

Kaz is hired by his alma mater, Easton Prep School, to teach a lesson in elegance to the Helenists. The rabid fanclub of Helena St. Tesoro has followed in their idol's footsteps by rejecting all things fashionable - namely the school uniform. (Helena, for her part, has become a total shut-in. She refuses to leave her room or wear anything other than a hospital gown and bandages.) But that job is just a cover for Kaz's real purpose at Easton. The headmaster has actually hired Kaz to look into the source of the recent rise in occult activity that's plagued the school.


Convinced that there's a demon sympathizer afoot who's allowing demons easy access to the school, Kaz begins to investigate Professor Muhly, the goth music teacher who dresses in all black. Invited back to Professor Muhly's apartment to "get high and have a fashion show," Kaz takes the opportunity to look for clues and discovers some occult paraphernalia. Convinced of Muhly's guilt, he makes a move to catch Muhly in the act, but could Muhly be more than meets the eye? Can Kaz convert the Helenists and restore order and uniformity to Easton? Will Helena ever leave her room again?

Also, Lexy and Gottlieb patent a drink called the Caprese Martini, and Kaz becomes the poster boy for their new brand.


O, the Helenists... Contains Example of:

  • Bandage Babe:
    • Helena, complimented by her simple hospital gown. She's refused to change out of her hospital gown for two episodes at this point.
    • The Helenists all wear matching hospital gowns and bandages as a tribute to Helena.
  • Camp Gay: Professor Muhly speaks with a lisping, camp-y accent and says things like "I've found an outfit you're already in love with!" He also has a closet (full of all-black ensembles) bigger than his living room. And a boyfriend.
  • Chekhov's Gift: The Giant Toblerone Kaz gives to Helena. Helena later uses the Toblerone as a bludgeon to save Kaz from the Hellenists.
  • Circling Monologue: Invoked when the Helenists have Kaz captured and prepped for a demonic sacrifice - Helena arrives on the scene and begins to monologue about how Kaz represents everything that's wrong with Neo Yokio, circling him as he's tied to a crude wooden alter. Subverted immediately afterwards when she knocks down one of the Helenists with the giant Toblerone, revealing that she was only using the monologue as a distraction to get in position to attack.
  • Cult of Personality: The Helenists are a group of teen girls who obsessively follow Helena's fashion commentary, referring to her blog as "our bible." They refer to themselves as her biggest fans, and in this episode their behavior takes a turn for the decidedly unhealthy:
    • In the aftermath of Helena's demonic possession, they copy her new look of bandages and hospital gowns (while totally disregarding Helena's message about abandoning the shallow, ultra-materialistic mindset of fashion culture that distracts from the injustices present in Neo Yokio's extreme levels of social stratification).
    • When Helena "goes totally Hikikomori," they follow her lead by locking themselves in a classroom at Easton Prep.
    • Eventually they graduate to kidnapping Kaz. They plan to sacrifice him in exchange for demonic possession in an attempt to be "just like Helena," ignoring the fact that Helena's experience left her horrible shaken and emotionally scarred.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Professor Muhly is initially suspected of being the demon sympathizer causing trouble at Easton. Turns out he's just a well adjusted goth man, dating a guy that DJs Gregorian house.
  • Edible Bludgeon: The big Toblerone gets used as one.
  • Foreign Culture Fetish: Kaz makes sure to voice his fondness for the eastern fashion that made up the uniform at Easton Prep School. He is clearly distraught when the Headmaster announced he would abolish the uniforms.
  • Hikikomori: Helena became a hikikomori midway through the previous episode, refusing to so much as leave her room. Kaz tries to get the Helenists to disavow Helena by telling them that she's "become totally hikikomori now" (even mentioning the trope by name) but this only serves to deepen their admiration for her.
  • Human Sacrifice: The Helenists attempt to sacrifice Kaz to summon demons. But demon magic is no match for luxury chocolates.
  • No Dress Code: Zig Zagged Doubled Subverted into Justified. The Helenists rebel against the Easton dress code because Helena, their idol, has stopped caring about fashion and only sports a hospital gown and bandages. Kaz is hired by the Headmaster to convince the girls to wear their school uniforms again. After the Helenists disappeared when their demonic ritual failed, the Headmaster officially the gets rid of the uniforms because the dress code was the catalyst for the damages to the school and the disappearance of the Helenists.
  • Psychic Dreams for Everyone: Helena, who has no known psychic powers, dreams that the pile of letters from her fan club comes to life and strangles the big Toblerone Kaz had left for her. She correctly interprets it to mean that Kaz is in danger and the Helenists are responsible.
  • Running Gag:
    • The big Toblerone returns in this episode.
    • The first appearance of the Caprese Martini.
  • Title Drop:
    Kaz: O, the Helenists... they’re the worst.


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