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Recap / Natsumes Book Of Friends Ep 64 The Days Eater

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つきひぐい | Tsukihigui | Chapter 78

Natsume helps a strange youkai get its head out of a pot it was stuck in and in exchange the Day-eater returns Natsume to his youth as an unasked for gift.

Tropes associate with this episode:

  • Adorably Precocious Child: Natsume, though more accurately heartrendingly precocious child, as even with his memories confused he knows to be wary and untrusting of people and assume anyone he can see might be a youkai attempting to trick him and is in disbelief that he could have human friends and be able to talk to such friends about his abilities.
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  • Baby Morph Episode: Natsume has been returned to an earlier age as a gift by a youkai, unfortunately this means he is in awe and disbelief of the concept of having friends or a place to call home where people care for him so he understandably tries to escape from Nyanko-sensei and his friends at first.
  • Eyeless Face: In place of eyes or any other recognizable facial feature the Day's-eater has a hole in the middle of his face resembling a knocked out knot in a piece of wood.
  • Fountain of Youth: This is the Days-eater's ability for objects as well as people.
  • Parents for a Day: Tanuma and Taki end up watching over him while Nyanko-sensei chases down the Days-eater to get it to reverse its gift.

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