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Recap / Natsume's Book Of Friends Episode 53 "Unchanging Form"

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変わらぬ姿 | Kawara nu Sugata | Chapters 57, 58 & 59

An ayakashi who hides their form by traveling in a pot mistakes Natsume for Reiko and promises retribution for the precious item which Reiko stole from her in by taking something precious from Natsume in turn.


Tropes associated with this episode:

  • Creepy Doll: The doll which Reiko tried to return to its proper owner long ago looks fairly creepy after years laying on the ground in the forest.
  • The Doll Episode: A doll was stolen from a little girl years ago by an ayakashi that was initially planning on keeping her, after Rekio took the doll back to return it to its owner the youkai swore she would get revenge and is planning to take something precious from Takashi as she has mistaken him for his grandmother.
  • Easily Overheard Conversation: Natsume's conversation with his father's relative is not really secret but he is devastated when he realizes Tanuma overheard. Tanuma is understanding of Natsume's reaction since he was also called a freak due to his spiritual awareness and he and Natsume discuss that the opinion of someone who hardly knew Reiko is not worth putting much stock in.
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  • Gentle Giant: The giant Acorn-Eating Youkai is huge and strong but he just wants to be left alone to eat acorns in peace. He helped Reiko in the past, and helps Natsume figure out how to deal with the ayakashi in the pot.
  • Stepford Smiler: Reiko.
  • Tell Me About My Father: Natsume recognizes a member of his father's family in the street and asks her about Reiko since he has no one on his mother's side to ask, she has little to say outside of calling Reiko strange and Natsume regrets his decision to ask.
  • Thoroughly Mistaken Identity: Chapter 57 starts with Natsume having a nightmare in which the ayakashi make the normal mistake of calling him Reiko but persistently insist he really is his grandmother causing him to turn into her.

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