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Recap / Nailed It!

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Season 1

  1. First Date to Life Mate (Guest Judge: Sylvia Weinstock)
  2. Fantasyland (Guest Judge: Zac Young)
  3. Head Under Water (Guest Judge: Valerie Gordon)
  4. Weird Science (Guest Judge: Dave Arnold)
  5. Big In Japan (Guest Judge: Yolanda Gampp)
  6. In Your Face! (Guest Judge: Jay Chandrasekhar)

Season 2

  1. High Society (Guest Judge: Jon Gabrus)
  2. Fictious and Delicious (Guest Judge: Ron Ben-Israel)
  3. Tailgate, Failgate (Guest Judge: Johnny Hecker)
  4. Holi-daze (Guest Judge: Waylynn Lucas)
  5. Zoo You Bake? (Guest Judge: Art Smith)
  6. Out of This World (Guest Judge: Joshua John Russell)
  7. Bonus:3,2,1...Ya Done!! (Guest Judge: Antoni Porowski; Crossover with Queer Eye (2018))

Holiday Season 1

  1. Jingle Fails (Guest Judge: Lauren Lapkus)
  2. Winter Blunderland (Guest Judge: Justin Willman)
  3. You Mitzvah Spot! (Guest Judge: Sylvia Weinstock)
  4. It’s a Family A-Fail (Guest Judge: Gemma Stafford)
  5. Toying Around (Guest Judge: Ron Funches)
  6. 3…2…1, Ya Done! (Guest Judge: Jason Mantzoukas)
  7. Just Dot It Yourself! (Guest Judges: Jim Noonan and Kate Berlant)

Season 3

  1. The Marvel Episode (Guest Judge: Felicia Day)
  2. Cake-O-Phobia (Guest Judge: Natalie Sideserf)
  3. Masterpiece or Disasterpiece? (Guest Judge: Betsy Sodaro)
  4. Prehistoric Bakes (Guest Judge: Rosanna Pansino)
  5. Oui Can’t Bake! (Guest Judge: Hubert Keller)
  6. Ready to Wear, Ready to Eat (Guest Judge: Charles Phoenix)


Holiday Season 2

  1. We’re Scrooged (Guest Judge: Jason Mantzoukas)
  2. A Classic Christmas (Guest Judge: Maya Rudolph)
  3. Shalo-many Fails (Guest Judge: Ron Ben-Israel)
  4. It’s a Wonderfail Life (Guest Judge: Bridget Everett)
  5. One Fail, Two Fail, I Fail, You Fail! (Guest Judge: Jillian Bell)
  6. New Year, New Fails (Guest Judge: David Burtka)

Season 4

  1. Let’s Get Lit (Guest Judge: Matt Walsh)
  2. The One With The 90’s Theme (Guest Judge: Fortune Feimster)
  3. Indiana Fails and the Temple of Slop (Guest Judge: Gemma Stafford)
  4. Chariots of Failure (Guest Judge: Gabby Douglas)
  5. Jungle Bungle (Guest Judge: Rachel Fong)
  6. Howdy, Failure! (Guest Judge: Adam Scott)
  7. The Big Bake Theory (Guest Judge: Valerie Gordon)
  8. I Do…Hope I Don’t Fail (Guest Judge: Christina Tosi)