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Recap / NCISS 07 E 08

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Season 7, Episode 8:

Power Down

The team literally finds themselves in the dark when the investigation into the death of a lieutenant is connected to a city-wide blackout.

  • Absentee Actor: Vance does not appear in this episode.
  • Autopsy Snack Time: Backup generators are powering the backup lights as well as the autopsy freezers, so the employees store their perishable foods in the empty freezers.
  • Big Blackout: The premise of the episode.
  • Big "NO!":
    • The MMORPG gamer's reaction when the screen reads "Internet Connection Lost".
    • Abby, when the batteries in her music player die.
  • Big "WHAT?!": The gamer's mom's response to the gamer yelling.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: The security guard who was shot masterminded the whole blackout and was responsible for Lt. Paxton's demise.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Ziva tells McGee that being stuck in the elevator could be worse...they could be stuck there with Tony. In the season 10 premiere, she does get stuck in the elevator with him.
  • Right Behind Me: Gibbs, per usual. With the power out, Tony cracks several jokes about Gibbs and the power outage.
    Ziva: I'm sure Gibbs is feeling right at home.
    Tony: Well you don't need electricity to use hand tools or drink a bottle of bourbon. *nyuk* *nyuk* *nyuk* *snerk*
    (McGee and Ziva share knowing looks)
    McGee: He's right behind you, isn't he?
    Tony: (sees Gibbs behind him) Yes, he is.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When the team stumbles upon a shipping container full of guns, McGee references Doctor Who while Tony references Lord of War.
    • Gibbs gets into the act when they arrest the culprit.
  • Special Edition Title: After the opening credits, the street lights go out, then so do the lights on Capitol Hill, then the screen snaps to black.
  • Uncomfortable Elevator Moment: McGee and Ziva are trapped in the elevator when the power goes out.
  • Useless Without Cell Phones: The younger members of Team Gibbs have a difficult time adjusting to the power cut that renders all of their usual technology unusable. Gibbs is amused by this, for the most part.

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