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Recap / Myth Quest E 1 The Minotaur

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Matt Bellows, an archaeologist, is working alone in his home study, late at night. He comes across a mythical artifact he calls the Gorgos stone, and begins to scan it into his archaeological database, entitled The CyberMuseum. When it vanishes and appears inside, a trickster god named Gorgos is released. Matt reaches for the image of the stone on the screen and finds himself now inside the computer. He wanders off...


The police investigation into Matt's disappearance proves fruitless, so Alex and Cleo begin to look into it on their own. Cleo finds that the CyberMuseum has undergone an unexpected upgrade. Everything looks too real to be true, and she dares Alex to touch one of the artifacts on the screen. When he does, he disappears and finds himself in a Greek courtyard, facing off against three fighters dressed as bulls. After winning the mock fight, Cleo (who can see and hear everything through the CyberMuseum) realizes that he's in the myth of Theseus. On a hunch, he asks the others about his father, but they haven't seen him, so he reluctantly plays the part of Theseus until he or Cleo can figure a way out of there. After surviving a brief encounter with Gorgos, he faces off with the Minotaur and survives. While talking to Ariadne, he notices that her medallion is what he touched on the screen, and reaches for it, only to find himself back in the study. Cleo is amazed to see him alive, and they contemplate the fate of their father, as well as the characters in the myth.


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