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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000: Turkey Day '16

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The fourth YouTube MST3K Turkey Day marathon, this time pulling the top six episodes from a recent fan survey of the 100 Most Popular Classic MST3K Episodes. The hosts this go around are Joel and the Season 11 host, Jonah Ray.

Episodes featured:

Also featured: Inside The Turkey Day Marathon, a 30 minute documentary featuring Joel, Trace Beauleiu, and Frank Conniff about the marathon's history from the MST3K XXXI: The Turkey Day Collection DVD from Shout Factory.

This marathon provides examples of:

  • Dissimile: Joel describes Space Mutiny as being "like Star Wars, if Star Wars was set in a dismal basement".
  • Running Gag: The DVDs of the episodes are placed in each dish Joel and Jonah serve... much to Jonah's annoyance.