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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 0 EK 21 Legend Of The Dinosaurs

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Movie featured: Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds

It provides examples of:
  • Early Installment Weirdness: This was the last of the KTMA Episodes, while the show is almost similar to what would be in season one, it's still FAR different.
    • The robot designs at this point have been stabilized, except for Cambot who was a humanoid robot who worked the camera.
      • Gypsy had a wireframe body rather than the solid one she would later sport.
      • Servo had gumballs in his smaller glass sphere, which would later be absent. Also all silver
      • Crow was far smaller and shorter, with bigger eyes.
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    • The Heads were two geeks and they start off the episode by speculating on Wild Mass Guessing of all things. Also notable is Joel is alone before they get to the movie.
    • The Silhouette effect of a theater hasn't been perfected yet. During scenes with dark colors it blends in with the movie, compared to once they made the cable jump where there was a border to help separate between the two. It was also smaller.
    • The Theme Song was different as a whole in some lyrics.
    • Half the skits were about explaining practical effect tropes, such as green screen enlarging, model scaling and breathing fire.
  • Filler: Crow calls out the Lullaby scene as such.
  • Out of Order: Within the episode, believe it or not. The first segment, concerning using special effects to make one smaller, sees Joel mention an "earlier" segment with a dinosaur. That segment is the third segment (which sees Joel show off his fire-breathing dinosaur toy).
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  • Season Finale: After the film Joel says they were going on hiatus while he works on his Bob Hope impression. After the hiatus though...

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