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Recap / My Superhero Academy Waking Up To Ash And Dust

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Waking Up to Ash And Dust

Martin: As much as I respect the hiring board some of our teachers end up being, eccentric don't they?
Clay: Shoot, my luck that I get flung into the future and the reason I get stuck is that it ain't far enough ahead.
Evelyn: I-I think she might kill you if you tried anything on her...She looks like a bear if she ate three other bears... a-and I don't think flirting with a triple-beared monstrosity is a good idea...
Reverend Styrgg: Metahumans gotta go! Metahumans are sons of Satan! Lock em up and throw away the key!
Mikael: Weird shit happens here sometimes. Metahumans, you know, not the most normal bunch. Anyway, welcome to the Squad, new guy.
Iuvem: Hmm...I guess a common cowboy like you wouldn't understand the high-ranked ETHEL-ian handwriting...
Zach: I trust Yoko. I want to try her way. I...know she won't hurt me. I know she'll do what she can to help. To protect. Besides, it saves Bozo the space to cast the fusing spell properly. Right?
Mahvash: The better things won't just happen... That's what heroes are for after all. And if you want to do more than punch things, you'll hear people say too much is on their plate all the time, even if they're busy clipping newspapers. Just lead people to that proof if that's what you want. Digging through the details is part of the fun, and you can forget things like 'might' and 'maybe'. Make high, high hopes, embrace those details, and I get to see you progress into a hero for the ages. Not that I can't already see that in you.
Martin: Take the weight that they can't handle themselves, and inspire them to help lift others... I, I've always been blessed by fortune. My powers, my life. But the luckiest I have ever been is being accepted to this academy, making friends. And I think, maybe, meeting you was just as fortunate. But its a two way street, if you are going to help me, then I will do whatever I can to help you as well. So what do you say, to standing by each others sides and saving the world. Together?
Sally: Okay, so where should we start? Multi-verse, changing the past, paradoxes or something else based off the textbooks I grabbed. Think it is best not to get overwhelmed given how tangled and scary this can all get.
Zach:'re my HERO...
Ever: Try it, you feathered rat. Try it. I'll eat you alive.
Hunter: Mikael's father's palace? You mean to say that we're in Hell? Sorry, not as used to crazy s**t as the rest of you quite yet.''
Ever: Fantastic. Somebody needs to baby-sit Dante, make sure he doesn't set off a gas trap or bring the place down on our heads. That aside, we shouldn't be caught alone wherever we are.
Evelyn: She's not... she's not normal...She... it's like she's not even there... there's just nothing...
Ash: Oh my god this is it... that's what this is, ain't it? We're in the future, right? We're in the #$&%ing future.
Pandora: the half-angel said, the creator of that storm is indeed the late Perry, who is now dead. And fused with lots and lots of souls, haha...
Korthus: Oh, and before I forget. Shane, is it not? If you are who your friend says you are, then I know everything there is to know about you. As well as what you truly are. So unless you want to be gutted by the hordes of creatures that live within this forest, I would suggest you make that fact known. Skinwalker.

  • First Post: 1 February 2019
  • Short Synopsis: The students of Class One have a short course about something while Gilgamesh talks about herself. They get a paper assignment on the usefulness of time travel right before they're hurled into the future. No, not the good one.



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