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Recap / My Superhero Academy S 02 E 02 Fairies And Werewolves Class One Oh My

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Recap: S02 E02 Fairies and Werewolves and Class 1 Oh My!

Mikael: Daeva, not diva. She's a Persian spirit of evil. Apparently she's trying to learn how to be good despite the fact that she kills everything she touches. So I'd take everything she says with a grain of salt, and if she offers you anything other than food, you probably shouldn't accept it... No offense, Mats.

Rienbach: To be honest, this is rather embarrassing looking back on it now, but I used to be a member of the Nazi Party. In case that wasn't obvious. In any case, myself and several other scientists were tasked with building just about anything we could come up with to help the war effort. Death beams, rodents of unususal size, chaingun-wielding gorilla's, the works. But one particular device we came up with was a portal that let us look in on other dimensions. We discovered many fascinating realities, but there was one that intrigued the Fuerher above all others. A reality where we had already won.
...Rebecca is not weak by any means, but she isn't extraordinarily powerful. But if they discovered a way to enhance her capabilities and bend her to their whims, she could make the Black Plague look like a child's plaything.


Victoria: What's there to talk about? I'm a complete, talentless hack. My powers aren't my own, they're just something being lent to me. I'm not their origin. I'm not the thing that powers them. And I couldn't have gotten here without them. What sort of famous hero is that, just coasting along easy on the efforts and talent of something or someone else...I don't belong at this place. I'm no hero. Just a tryhard, naive wannabe who thought too much about herself. note 

Remix: We all wear masks, I just like being more literal about it. Can't install lights in my skin - well, not without being very uncomfortable. So I keep it for now, maybe one day when we all have faces I will reconsider.

Laurie er...Self-Reflecting: Because if she faced someone like Matten again as she was? She'd crack completely. She could see it now. 'Laurie the Jester', parading around town in a form-fitting costume having the kind of fun she never had growing up and not caring whether or not anyone thought she was batshit insane. That was not where she was ending up. And the only way to keep herself from going there was a complete and utter makeover. 'All work and no play made Jack fucking nuts,' she told herself.

Remix: What's the big deal? So we have a few monsters, demons, men and ladies of the night, Nazis hiding in the trees, people going in one way and coming out the other - it's just like going to any park in Europe...
...I'm excited to have an authentic American camping experience, but I don't have a gun or cowboy outfit, where can I get those?

Flora: Of course not For all you know, what may seem like a dumb beast may in fact be an intelligent, sentient creature. And if for whatever reason that doesn't stop you, I do hope you're prepared to tell their family that Daddy or Mommy was just needlessly slaughtered because someone wanted a new fur coat.

Lucy: Overheard what Matten did. If you have any plans for her, count me in. – Lucy.

Sam: Things haven't been according to plan for us since the year started...The feeling that some shocking reveal or someone suffering some major trauma will happen while we are there keeps nagging at me.

Mahvash: I offer my apologies for troubling you in any way, but I'm healthy. I know not what you're expecting, but I'm working on being more attentive to Class 1's needs." My own heart beats again. The noise is grating after all this time. Then again it always used to be. "I just wanted to admire the forest entrance for a bit, and the cute couple as well."

Queen Titania: ...if you're still offering, I wouldn't mind taking you up on that. Even if the rest of your entourage are nothing but party-poopers. Just be sure what you're asking.

Hei Lin: No dresses.

Flora: ...remember...The catpeople's leader is wise, if a tad mischevious. Somewhat like Titania. But some of the other members of her clan are more... impulsive. If you happen to run into them, do not startle them, do not provoke them, and above all, do not wave a shiny thing in front of their faces.

First Post: 6 May 2018

Short Synopsis: Flora, Jasmine, and Laurie take Class One on a field trip into the Deep Woods for the sake of teaching them diplomacy and some cultural interaction. Part of their jobs as heroes was to be diplomats as well. Despite that, this arc is rather short on transformations but for a couple rather dramatic ones. Class One makes its way through the fae kingdoms (yes, plural), meet a queen in her court, and, almost accidentally, follow the trail of the AU Nazis. Its almost a breather episode, as long as one ignores the things simmering below the surface.

  • Land of Faerie: The whole deep forest is this and contains populations of everything from 'Tinkerbell' fairies to The Fair Folk to werewolves and catpeople.
  • Meaningful Rename: Mahvash (hithero 'Matten') starts to actually use her first name, coinciding with both changing physical forms and becoming a lot more social. That is, she was outgoing before but had no interest in other people's comfort. (This does not mean alot more sane, but she at least tries to put on a Mask of Sanity). Plus, her would-be empathy still aint there. note 
  • Medieval Stasis: Queen Titania has a very rigid court etiquette and the other fairy nations are sticklers about particular, rather medieval laws. This becomes important later on.
  • Sanity Slippage: Lucy's alters are almost a normal thing at this point, and the therapist herself is kind of too troubled to help herself let alone Class One. Sam also confronts issues of his own.
  • Sanity Strengthening: Oddly, Mahvash, partly reflected in using in her first name (see above), settles on a pseudo-aristocratic, pseudo-maternal Mask of Sanity, and acts like Class One's support—even if they rightly don't trust her.
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Class One is hot on the trail of some ASB-enhanced Nazis who conquered their home dimension and are looking to expand to Class One's Earth.
  • Too Dumb to Live: It should be noted, that Class One might never have even been concerned about the extra-dimensional Nazis had they not tried to kidnap Rebecca in a highly-visible way in the middle of a highly visible tournament.

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