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Recap / My Superhero Academy S 01 E 01 Enter Class One

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Recap: My Superhero Academy Season 1, Episode 1 - Enter Class One

Rebecca: I can’t believe you almost made us late!
Elly: The beepy thing was too noisy! I didn’t know you needed it!
Rebecca: Whatever, you’re just lucky I still woke up in time to catch the bus.

Lucy: O-Oh... hi, I-I'm Lucy. Nice t-to meet y-you. So... are y-you t-two people?

Mike: Hey how's it going? Name's Mike an-godDAMN girl you need a shower.

Interceptor: The teacher thinks you all need to sit down, shut up, and pay attention. Understand?

Matten: My Greetings and regards, Excellency. No nickname I'm afraid. Besides, I'll get a modern honorific I'm sure. Crossing my fingers for a new god and the new devil depending on who I'm making nice with, but you'll never know what'll come up when people are running from you. Er or when grateful people are addressing you.

Victoria: Yo, sign me up for a one way ticket to Godzilla's chin.

Mikael: Well...I am a hunter, after all, and they are a hunter's weapon. The other option I considered was a rifle, but heroes do not use lethal force, as a rule.

Liam: "'d be civilians around we'd need to help and get to safety?" note 

  • First Post: 17 February 2018
  • Short Synapses: The students of the new Class One are left to their own devices in homeroom before the homeroom teacher arrives and gives them their first lessons. Unfortunately he left and important detail out. Before that though, naturally, one student lets his curiosity get the best of him and the students suddenly have to drop lunch to save the day—while their first school day has scarcely begun. Then the real horror begins: picking a roommate for the dorms.

  • Deadly Training Area: The training room uses hardlight to simulate about anything, including, for the students first day, a very slaughter-happy Barbarian Tribe and the king of monsters himself. note 
  • Genki Girl: Victoria genuinely. Matten. not so much...
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  • Monster of the Week: A student unleashes the Killatron 5000 along with its 4999 siblings.
  • Robot Rebellion: Played With. The students never find out if the robots malfunctioned, were self-aware and angry, or if Rienbach, the science teacher, programmed them to murder to school.
  • Starter Villain: An army of robots that overrun the cafeteria, starting the Running Gag of the cafeteria becoming a battlefield.
  • Secret Test of Character: That its a character test is no secret, but Bozo wants to see how Matten handles a particular scenario (which goes off the rails, because she takes nothing her opponent says at face value). What this really establishes is that she trusts nothing and no one. She leaves it unclear whether she'd actually rescue the class if the only way was killing herself.

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