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Recap / My Superhero Academy Ive Traveled All This Way For Something

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My Superhero Academy Crisis of Infinite Reboots - I've Traveled All This Way For Something

Sally: Squad 2! Let's do some stretching together and a team cheer!
Ash: Huh, so there's gonna be like investors and s***. Awesome. Better give it my A material then. In a fashion... Hopefully they'll expect some manic pyro. Stereotypes be damned—I'll blow their #$&%ing socks off... what the #$&% is she wearing?
Kilgore: ...part of being a hero with an actual license is learning how to be part of a team. And that also means that your final results are going to depend in part on how well you work with others. In other words, play nice.
Rebecca: I'm okay, it's just that this is a big day and I'm nervous. Perfectly normal. And I have no experience working with half my squad. But that's fine. Also a bunch of respected heroes will be watching us, and I look @#$%ing disgusting!
"Proctor": Oh, God. Let's just get this over with. Right. I could go on and on about how the provisional license exam is an esteemed tradition going back years and how you need to make sure you give it your all and bring prestige and honor to your families and yada yada yada, but fuck that shit. You all know why you're here. You want to get yourselves a license so you don't have to worry about your teachers throwing you in the kiddy corner all the damn time. And all you wanna know is how you get it. So let's get that out of the way, shall we? (God I'm so fucking hungover.)
Mahvash: That is part of the test...You'll deal with that sort of person often in your career. You'll provide the professionalism, if you want.
Ash: Specially you, tall red and libido. Let's just say quit it with this whole silent treatment thing we got and just agree to clean up after each other's messes, alright? Better get this done and dusted before we get legal permission to blow s*** up... To watch our friends' backs—including each other. Don't let each other be stupid, uh? We peace, man? An' I swear to god if you say your demon saliva is venomous...

  • First Post: 18 December 2018
  • Short Synopsis: Class 1 arrives at the testing center for a chance to earn their provisional hero licenses.




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