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This is a list of episodes from My Little Pony Tales, which ran on the Disney Channel from August 2, 1992 to December 25, 1992 for a total of 26 episodes.

  1. "Slumber Party": The seven pony friends have a sleepover at Sweetheart's house where Patch tells a ghost story about a dragonslayer. The girls hear noises in the attic and investigate, thinking it may be haunted.
  2. "Too Sick to Notice": Bon Bon's baby brother gets sick and the family must take care of him. With Bon Bon getting ignored, she pretends to be sick but realizes lying has its consequences.
  3. "The Battle of the Bands": Melody enters a competition with her band despite needing a babysitter to watch over her younger sisters. She takes them to the contest when she can't get one on short notice.
  4. "And the Winner Is...": Clover wins two concert ball tickets and can't decide which of her friends should go with her.
  5. "Stand by Me": Teddy is accused of stealing Melody's cassette deck and when all evidence points to him, Sweetheart tries to clear his name.
  6. "The Tea Party": While the girls debate on whether or not to allow boys to their tea parties, they must defend their clubhouse from intruders.
  7. "The Masquerade": Miss Hackney throws a masquerade party, asking the class to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. Bon Bon worries that her friends will make fun of her aspirations of becoming a supermodel.
  8. "Out of Luck": Clover thinks a teapot given to her by her father is responsible for her string of bad luck.
  9. "The Play's the Thing": Melody is chosen for the lead role of the school play and lets her ego get the better of her.
  10. "Shop Talk": The girls make up a rumor about Teddy sleeping with a teddy bear, causing his friends to make fun of him when it spreads. Teddy blames Sweetheart for it so she and the girls decide to get back at Teddy's friends.
  11. "The Impractical Joker": The girls become fed up with Patch's practical jokes so they set to teach her a lesson.
  12. "The Great Lemonade Stand Wars": The girls break their teapot and raise money by opening a lemonade stand to replace it. The boy ponies try to drive business away when set up a lemonade stand of their own.
  13. "Blue Ribbon Blues": Teddy invites Sweetheart to the country where his cousin Corny lives and has a skirmish with the family's prized pig.
  14. "Roll Around the Clock": Bright Eyes and Lancer are too shy to ask each other to pair up in a roller skating competition. Their friends suggest changing their appearances and attitudes.
  15. "Princess Problems": Patch fears she may be the long lost daughter of the King and Queen from the Isle of Pony and doesn't want to leave home.
  16. "An Apple for Starlight": Miss Hackney calls upon Starlight to teach the class when she's sick. She takes them on a field trip where they become stranded in a cave looking for their ancestors.
  17. "Up, Up and Away": A UFO is spotted and Patch, wanting more excitement in her life, goes out looking for it.
  18. "Sister of the Bride": Clover's sister Meadowlark is getting married and the girls help out at the ceremony. They see the groom with another mare and think he's cheating on Meadowlark.
  19. "Birds of a Feather": Bright Eyes reads about a rare bird threatened with endangerment. She leads her classmates into the woods where they get lost and rely on Bon Bon's diary to get them out.
  20. "Send in the Clown": Clover laments Meadowlark's superb dancing skills and becomes jealous of her when she visits. When a performer becomes injured during a ballet rehearsal, Clover replaces her and has a hard time getting over her stage fright.
  21. "Happy Birthday Sweetheart": Sweetheart threatens to cancel her birthday party when her friends refuse to come if Teddy's there and vice versa.
  22. "Gribet": The girls help Sweetheart nurse an injured frog back to health.
  23. "Bon Bon's Diary": Bon Bon cheats on a test and is overwrought by a guilty conscience. She writes about it in her diary which falls into Teddy's hooves.
  24. "Just for Kicks": Starlight joins Ace's soccer team in an effort to get him to notice her.
  25. "Ponies in Paradise": Bright Eyes joins an exchange student program which sends her to a tropical island. Her friends warn her about some frightening rumors about the island and its natives.
  26. "Who's Responsible": The town becomes flooded due to a massive litter problem, leaving the girls to search for answers.

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