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Recap / My Little Pony And Friends E 1 The End Of Flutter Valley 1

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The Flutter Ponies have invited Cupcake, Buttons, Fizzy, Surprise, Gusty, Baby Cuddles, Spike, and the Bushwoolies to Flutter Valley for a celebration. Meanwhile, in the Volcano of Gloom, the wicked witch Hydia vows to make the Ponies pay for stopping the Smooze and sends her daughters Reeka and Draggle to capture the Little Ponies. Reeka enchants flowers to grow into lassos, and they succeed in capturing them, but before they can get far, the Flutter Ponies come to their aid. With their Utter Flutter attack, the Flutter Ponies blow pollen in the witches' faces, allowing the Little Ponies to escape.


Queen Rosedust welcomes the Ponies to the "Sun Tuesday" celebration in honor of the sun and the Sunstone, which keeps Flutter Valley alive by reflecting the sun's rays. Without the Sunstone, the Valley would wither and die. But Reeka and Draggle haven't given up yet, and plan to bury the ponies in a landslide...

This episode contains examples of:

  • Call-Back: Hydia wants revenge on the ponies, especially the Flutter Ponies, for stopping the Smooze in the movie.
  • The Other Darrin: Cloris Leachman was replaced by Tress MacNeille as Hydia's voice actress, while Madeline Kahn and Rhea Pearlman were replaced by Jennifer Darling for Draggle and Reeka, respectively. This is also the first episode where Buttons is voiced by Susan Blu instead of Sheryl Bernstein.


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