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This is the list of episodes from the animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot, the 18th Nickelodeon original cartoon. The show ran from 2003 to 2009 with 39 episodes over three seasons.

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    Season 1 

  1. "It Came From Next Door" / "Pest Control": Ordinary teenager Brad and his little brother Tuck encounter a robotic teenage girl named XJ-9, or Jenny, the creation of next-door neighbor Dr. Nora Wakeman.note  / A group of sapient lab rats take over Jenny’s body for their own uses.
  2. "Raggedy Android" / "Class Action": Dr. Wakeman designs a human costume for Jenny. / Jenny attends school for the first time, but has trouble fitting in due to the malice of resident Alpha Bitches, the Crust Cousins.
  3. "Attack of the 5 ½ ft. Geek" / "Doom with a View": A nerd named Sheldon falls in love with Jenny. / When Brad, Tuck, and Jenny are playing on a snow fort, an ambassador for the intergalactic robot empire, The Cluster, comes to Earth.
  4. "Ear No Evil" / "Unlicensed Flying Object": When Jenny desires earings, she turns over to Sheldon to make her some ears. / Brad, Tuck, and Jenny encounter a UFO, which Brad takes for a joyride.
  5. "Party Machine" / Speak No Evil: Jenny and Brad throw a huge party while Dr. Wakeman is away. / After a trip to Japan, Jenny loses her English oral disk and can only speak Japanese.
  6. "See No Evil" / "The Great Unwashed": Dr. Wakeman gives Jenny some new, improved eyes, but they make her look freaky to others. / Jenny wants to attend a party, but the Crust Cousins plot to ruin her paint coat.
  7. "The Return of Raggedy Android" / "The Boy Who Cried Robot": Dr. Wakeman upgrades Jenny’s human costume so that she can hang out at Mezzmer's as the owner hates robots. However, it’s got a nasty surprise. / Tuck keeps interrupting Jenny’s missions just to show her off to friends, to her growing annoyance.
  8. "Sibling Tsunami" / "I Was Preschool Dropout": Jenny discovers that she has eight sisters, XJs 1 to 8. / Jenny is forced to go back to preschool as she was only activated five years ago.
  9. "Hostile Makeover" "Grid Iron Glory": Jenny starts to go through robot puberty (and just before School Photo Day too!). / Jenny and Brad join the school football team.
  10. "Dressed to Kill" / "Shell Game": Cluster general Smytus arrives on Earth searching for lost power crystals, but the Crust Cousins get a hold first. / Jenny falls in love with fellow robotic superhero Silver Shell, whom Sheldon seems to know a surprising amount about.
  11. "Daydream Believers" / "This Time with Feeling": Dr. Wakeman gives Jenny a dreaming chip, but she starts abusing its usage. / Jenny gets herself some robot nerves, but their only settings are ticklish and pain.
  12. "Saved by the Shell" / "Tradeshow Showdown": Sheldon wants to set Jenny up on a date with Silver Shell, but she’s already got a date with school hunk Don Prima. / Jenny and Dr. Wakeman goes to a robot trade show, where Jenny hopes to meet other human-like robots.
  13. "Wonderful World of Wizzly" / "Call Hating": After a trip to Wizzly World (a Disney World parody), Jenny liberates the theme park's animatronics as she is appalled by their treatment. Unfortunately, her intentions don't turn out so great. / When Jenny ignores her calls one too many times, Dr. Wakeman modifies her communicator so it will never turn off.


    Season 2 
  1. "A Robot for All Seasons": A malicious boy named Todd Sweeney reprograms Jenny to be evil and ruin various holidays. Even when she has returned to normal, the only person who is convinced by her pleas of innocence is Sheldon. However, Todd needs her back for one last job: destroying Christmas.
  2. Future Shock" / "Humiliation 101": After looking into Dr. Wakeman’s futurescope, Tuck believes that Jenny is going to kill Brad. / Dr. Wakeman is coming over to Jenny’s school for a lecture on Jenny, her greatest creation, so Jenny desperately tries to avoid humiliation by enticing a villain to destroy the school.
  3. "Last Action Zero" / "Mind over Matter": Brad joins the Skyway Patrol and finds it's not all it's cracked up to be. / When the electricity-drinking energy alien Gigawatt attacks Earth, Jenny needs to find a way to defeat him without having her power drained.
  4. "Love ‘em or Leash ‘em" / "Teen Team Time": Jenny finds a new robot boyfriend, Y-K9 or Kenny, but Dr. Wakeman and Kenny's creator/Wakeman's rival Dr. Mogg disapprove of the relationship. Things get harder as Jenny finds out Kenny is part dog while Sheldon tries to ruin their relationship. / Jenny joins a teenage alien superhero team.
  5. "Sister Sledgehammer" / "Pajama Party Prank Palooza": XJs 1-8 come to the rescue when the Cluster captures Jenny and assimilates her. / The Crust Cousins invite Jenny to their sleepover to play pranks and pin the blame on her. However, Skyway Patrol has warned Dr. Wakeman that they will not be tolerating Jenny's recklessness for any longer.
  6. "Dancing With My Shell" / "Around the World in 80 Pieces": Jenny takes Silver Shell to the school dance, and Silver Shell wants everything to be perfect, so he may reveal his true identity - Sheldon. / Bungling Cluster inventor Krakus successfully disassembles Jenny and tosses her parts across the globe, so Brad, Sheldon, and Tuck go on a world voyage to get them back.
  7. "Armagedroid" / "Killgore": Jenny takes on the kaiju-sized weapon-destroying robot, Armagedroid, an old creation of Dr. Wakeman. / Jenny finds herself under the harassment of evil, pint-sized windup toy Killgore, whom everyone finds to be adorable.
  8. "A Pain in My Sidekick" / "Crash Pad Crash": Tuck becomes Silver Shell’s sidekick: Tin Can Man. / Jenny moves out of the house and ends up living the party life, which proves to be a problem for her duties.
  9. "Victim of Fashion": Jenny and the Crust Cousins get into a fashion battle that Jenny takes too far.
  10. "Designer Women" / "Robot Riot": In his latest love attempt, Sheldon steals Jenny’s blueprint to see if he can give her a love chip. However, the Cluster's leader Queen Vexxus wants the blueprint too. / Tuck convinces Jenny to enter the world of Robot Combat so he can become famous.
  11. "Bradventure" / "Mama Drama": Brad’s attempt to become an adventurer himself goes awry when he encounters a Mad Scientist named Dr. Locust and his daughter Melody. / Jenny discovers that Dr. Wakeman is dating, and grows suspicious about her new boyfriend.
  12. "Toying with Jenny" / "Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles": A toy company starts producing Jenny dolls, making her a celebrity, but the head of the company is not who he seems. / Misty of the Teen Team comes back to Earth and goes to Jenny’s school where the new duo go in a prank war with the Crust Cousins.
  13. "Escape from Cluster Prime": In the Series Fauxnale, Jenny gets fed up with being unappreciated by humans and leaves Earth, finding herself in Cluster Prime, the capital of Vexxus’ robot empire. Meanwhile, Vexxus initiates a full-scale invasion of Earth, leaving Dr. Wakeman and Sheldon to try get Jenny back while Brad and Tuck fight back against the invaders.

    Season 3 
  1. "Teen Idol" / "Good Old Sheldon": Jenny becomes the subject of worship amongst a race of tiny aliens. / A mysterious old man who claims to be Sheldon is telling Jenny that she ruined his life.
  2. "Weapon of Mass Distraction" / "There’s No Place like Homeschool": Jenny falls in love with a boy who’s afraid of machines. / Dr. Wakeman offers to homeschool Jenny and really gets into it.
  3. "No Harmony with Melody" / "Tuckered Out": Melody returns and Brad finds himself going on a date, but Jenny is suspicious of her. / Tuck’s school project is about a personal hero, so he makes a movie about Jenny with a generous amount of creative license.
  4. "A Spoonful of Mayhem" / "Enclosure of Doom": A jealous Skyway Patrol lieutenant tries to get Jenny permanently deactivated. / Jenny awakens in a mysterious place filled with traps, and Killgore is her only companion inside.
  5. "Girl of Steal" / "Mist Opportunities": Jenny desperately tries to get her hands on the hippest new music device. / Misty comes back to Tremorton and takes over Jenny’s superhero duties.
  6. "Legion of Evil" / "The Price of Love": A group of Jenny’s old enemies gang up for revenge, while Jenny is caught up in a group project for school. / Sheldon tries to make Jenny jealous by paying a girl named Pteresa to be his girlfriend.
  7. "Stage Fright" / "Never Say Uncle": Jenny tries to audition for the school’s drama club, but the drama teacher refuses to let her join. / Jenny tries to get Dr. Wakeman back together with her nature-loving sister Wisteria with the help of Wisteria’s "son", a plant monster named Glenn.
  8. "Infectious Personality" / "Trash Talk": After eliminating asteroids, Jenny returns with a mysterious disease that makes Brad, Tuck, Sheldon, and Dr. Wakeman act strangely. / Jenny, Brad, and Tuck go to a galactic garbage dump where they encounter Vexxus, Smytus, and Krakus, who are all now greatly weakened and seeking revenge for the events of "Escape from Cluster Prime".
  9. "Indes-Tuck-tible" / "Agent Double-O Sheldon": After Jenny tells him that he won't die young, Tuck becomes a daredevil. / Sheldon joins a Men in Black spoof organization to uncover the mystery about what Jenny and her fellow robots are up to.
  10. "The Puppet Bride" / "Histrionics": Lil’ Apple, an animatronic puppet made by a young Dr. Wakeman comes back to her to demand for a wife in this homage to Frankenstein. / Jenny, Brad, Sheldon, and Tuck are stranded on an island inhabited by killer animatronics of historical figures in this spoof of Jurassic Park.
  11. "Ball and Chain" / "Labor Day": Brad is captured by the recurring Quirky Miniboss Squad known as the Space Bikers and forced to marry one of their members. / Jenny takes up a job as a deliveryman to pay off damages caused by her irresponsibility.
  12. "Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers" / "Queen Bee": When the Space Bikers turn Jenny into a motorcycle, Jenny and the still-in-training-wheels Tuck head to the gang’s homeworld. / Vexxus comes to Jenny's school in disguise and teams up with the Crust Cousins for another round of revenge against Jenny.
  13. "Samurai Vac" / "Turncoats": A robotic vacuum cleaner from Japan searches to regain his honour from the one who stole it: Jenny. / Dr. Wakeman and Jenny need to find out why XJs 1-8 are turning on them.


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