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Recap / My Gym Partners A Monkey S 4 E 14 Human Behavior

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Kerry invites Adam to the school dance at Chester Arthur Middle School, but Adam has recently gone feral, from being at his animal school for so long.

  • Animal Motifs: Adam learns so much about animal behavior, that he can perfectly act like every member of the animal kingdom.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Miss Chameleon tells Adam that he would make a great cartoon voice actor.
    Slips: Uh, What's a cartoon?
    Windsor: You're sitting in one.
    Slips: Whoa!
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  • Character Development: Jake supports Adam, in helping him get ready for his date with Kerry. Back in Season 1, Jake was against Adam going to the prom with Kerry, out of jealousy. Looks like he's matured.
  • Class Clown: Miss Chameleon asks Jake to make animal calls. Jake whips out his phone and says "Hello, animals?", getting a good laugh out of the students, and a sarcastic one from the teacher.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Phineas did not appreciate Adam's dolphin impression.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: Adam is shown with these, in his feral form, due to all his sleep deprivation.
  • Fun with Homophones: Kerry mentions the debutante ball, and Adam runs around like a dog, ready to fetch a ball.
  • Gratuitous German: One of the kitchen utensils is called a "Grukenskewer". "Gurken" is German for "Cucumbers", meaning this utensil is literally a German skewer for cucumbers.
    Jake: That's the gurkenskewer! Never ever touch the gurkenskewer!
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  • High-School Dance: This happens at Chester Arthur Middle School.
  • The Insomniac: Adam stayed awake for three weeks, to study for the mid-terms.
  • Minor Major Character: Being feral all episode, Adam is almost completely devoid of dialogue here. He was heard shouting "Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!", when Kerry mentioned the debutante ball, however.
  • Nobody Can Die: According to Jake, Adam deprived himself of sleep for three solid weeks, to study for the mid-terms. In real life, this would have killed him.
  • Nose Nuggets: Jake picks his nose in class.
  • Sanity Slippage: Adam absolutely lost it, after three weeks of sleepless nights, doing nothing but studying and imitating animal behavior. This caused him to lose touch with his actual human self, and diminish his knowledge down to just the animal stuff he learned. This turned him into a wild, crazy wild child, dead set on passing his animal school mid-terms.
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  • Stealth Insult: Lupe calls Adam a "dirty little monkey" in Spanish.
  • Swapped Roles: When Adam goes animalistic, Jake has to act like the human.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Adam does a series of spot-on animal impressions in Miss Chameleon's class.
  • Wild Child: Adam becomes this.

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