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Recap / My Gym Partners A Monkey S 3 E 22 The Frog Principal

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Mrs. Warthog kisses Principal Pixiefrog and turns him into a prince. Now, "Prince Pixiefrog" only has until midnight to kiss a human girl and reverse the curse, or he'll be stuck as a diminutive human guy ... FOREVER!!!

  • Chick Magnet: Anyone who douses themselves with a babe-attracting cologne, known as "Man-Fume!", will instantly make themselves irresistible to all female animals.
  • Gut Feeling: Principal Pixiefrog's Mother, who lives miles and miles away, detected her son turning into a prince, seconds after the incident, without any other way of knowing.
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  • Love Potion: Man-Fume.
  • Parody Episode: This episode obviously parodies "The Princess and The Frog".
  • Race Against the Clock: At 12:00, Prince Pixiefrog will be stuck as a prince forever.
  • Rejection Affection: Prince Pixiefrog went through a series of rejections, from all the human women he approached.
  • The Reveal: After nearly three seasons of Principal Pixiefrog mentioning two people, time and time again, his mother and his ex-wife, we finally get a look into these two characters. His mother, was only heard making inarticulate mouse noises over the phone, but his ex-wife, Lenore, had her picture shown, showing us exactly what she looked like. It was just a live-action photograph of a tree frog with cartoon lipstick and eyelashes drawn on.
  • The Voice: Principal Pixiefrog's Mother's voice was (sort of) heard, over the phone.

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